Thursday, October 30, 2008


Ashley left a comment and I have recieved a few over time so I figured I'd address it.

We love outside pictures, but you need to keep in mind we live in Germany. For those who don't know what fall and winter are like in Germany, let me paint you a picture...

More Rain
Rain with Snow mixed in
Wintery Mix
Rain (again)
More Rain
Oh and More Rain

As you might have guessed, it rains A LOT here and if it's not raining in the fall and winter it's normally FRIGID or snowing. We actually live in the State of Bavaria. It's beautiful, we're set in an area that often does not get a lot of snow, but is often VERY,VERY,VERY COLD.
Our first winter here, we got record setting snows. Then the last 2 we've barely gotten any snow at all. This year they're predicting a fair amount of snow for our area. It honestly is seeming to follow Chad's deployments. When he's gone, we get snow...when he's home just rain.

So as you can see, outside pictures don't exactly work right now. Inside or outside, pictures just were not good for Emma today. I know this child well. Our photographer asked me if she was ready for a nap and I said "oh, no, she doesn't nap until after lunch, normally lays down about 1)...our apt. was for the 10:00 hour. Well as soon as we left there and headed towards home what did that girl do...she fell asleep and proceded to sleep until 1:30 when I had to WAKE her up for an apt I had! I know she's teething (a good reason for her grumpiness, no actually just simply nasty attitude), I also think she may be going through another grown spurt. She's nearly 15 months, so it'd be about right for one. She's also fiercly independent, and well rather spoiled. Yes I take responsiblity for that. It IS my fault. I can't say I'd change most of it, although I'd make a few adjustments with her. Ultimately it's her personality, it's how God made her and I just need to figure out how to deal with this strong personality!

I do always appreciate suggestions and please know I take no offense, just thought I'd explain why sometimes being IN studio is a simple must. Had we been here when she actually turned 1, we would have been outside. Back in May before Chad left, we went to a beautiful park here in town and had family pictures taken as well as Emma's 9 month pictures. I am pretty sure I posted some of them on here, go back to May and take a look at my enteries.

Well, it's late and I'm one tired Momma!

God Bless


Amanda said...

That would never have occured to me to ask... lol... thank goodness you have smart readers who are observant! Seems like it all makes sense to me though.

Do we get to see any of the pictures? Hope so! Shes such a cutie!

Many blessings-and you better be sleeping right now! :)


Linda said...

Ah, yes, I DO remember that record-setting snowed 22 of the 31 days in March. And why do I remember that? Because that's when Scott left to go to the states for a month of school. The DAY he left, it started...and snowed a little every day....sigh.