Thursday, October 02, 2008


Over the last 3 years of our family homeschooling the biggest misconception I've come across is that you have to have patience. If you're a Christian then they should know better than to say that word anyways, because we all know that the way we gain patience is by being tested to our limits (or so it often seems/feels! LOL). The fact is though we did not go into this decision lightly. We had spent literally years praying over it. God had convicted me on this, and I then asked Chad to pray over it and he did and eventually felt that this was what we were supposed to do for and with our children.

I want to be brutally honest. There are days that if one of the atributes of homeschooling was "patience" on my end, we would absolutely NOT be homeschooling. There are days I think I'm going to pull my hair out. There are days I get out and out angry, frustrated, and ask God "Seriously, this is what you want us doing?" but gently his whispers to me "yes"....and so we continue. Most days are great, don't get me wrong...but do not think that you need to be the Queen (or King) of patience to homeschool. Most of my friends who do have the same amount of patience for their children as you do.
The other thing I normally hear along with "patience" is how frustrated they get "by just helping with homework". Well think about it, of course you do! The kids have spent anywhere from 7-9 hours in school...with only a few breaks. You as parents have spent the same amount of time at work, volunteering, cleaning home, etc...ultimately you've both have full, busy, and very tiring days by the time they're home from school. Shocking that no one's in the mood for homework. I wouldn't have the desire to help either and I imagine my kids wouldn't want much to do with homework either. We vary in how long it takes for the boys to get their school work done, some days it's 1 1/2 hrs some days it's 5.

Not everyone is called to homeschool, not everyone should homeschool...but for those of us who are a good majority of us have been called by the Lord and are trying our best to be obediant. If you feel called or your spouse is feeling called for your family to homeschool, I urge you to pray, listen, and most of all OBEY our Lord. If he's leading you to it, he will most definately get you through it. There will most definately be tough days, but the rewarding days will far out way the negative!

I'm planning on blogging more about our school days and posting some pictures of us doing school. Trust me most days aren't exciting, but there are some really awesome days when your child gets something and you want to jump for joy!

Have a Blessed Day

1 John 5:3 This is love for God: to obey his commands. And his commands are not burdensome,


CntryMomma said...

I had it in my head that I was gonna homeschool ... then I had children. LOL And I remembered, I never had any patience and didn't want my girls to suffer until I found some! LOL Luckily, they both attend a really good (pubic) school that has received an excellent rating 7 years running. But in a small way, parents are homeschoolers. When the girls come home, they are back in our care, and it is a duty and privilege to teach them. I am blessed to have a husband who loves to teach them "stuff" too.

Amanda said...

I totally plan on homeschooling.. and seeing as Colton is 3 1/2, I better get going! :)

Great thoughts and perspective Christy! Good reminders for moms in general.

God bless-