Saturday, October 25, 2008


I woke up feeling fine this morning, looking forward to going to my friends son's birthday party and spending time with them. Then my friend A called and her little boy has she believes a Sinus infection, because he woke up with a fever last night. So we decided that the boys could go over to her house, play, have dinner, and then her husband will bring them home. Then about 10:30 I started getting a weird taste in the back of my throat, you know the one when you're getting sick. It came on fast and furious. I've spent the majority of my day in the bathroom. So far I've not thrown up, but well you get the drift. I have had some soup and drank cranberry juice. Emma is ok still, thank the Lord for that! I'm guessing the boys will be home in 2 or 3 hours. When I called "A" to let her know what was going on with me she did offer to let the boys stay the night, I said lets play it by ear, so not sure what's going to happen there. They don't have clothes for church in the morning if they stayed with them, so we'll see.

I'm hoping this will pass and by morning I'll be feeling better, I don't mind missing church, but we have our 2nd week of AWANA and I can't miss that. Well I could, but I'd hate to start our year out like that. So say a prayer please.

Oh and a side note, no I'm NOT taking anything. I one believe that our bodies are meant to get rid of these things on their own and that's much better for us and I'm also nursing Emma and will NOT take anything, since everything passes through my breast milk and I have nothing here and WILL NOT be leaving, not when I can't trust if I could make it to the bathroom or not in time! So please just say some prayers.


Amanda said...

You got it my dear! I will pray for you as I do my Beth Moore study so you know the prayers will be well guided. So sorry you are not feeling well...

But WAY TO GO on not taking anything! I would suggest a Pro-Biotic. ESPECIALLY for any digestive issue. Or even a good omega3 or fish oil. If I take one of the above when I am sick I can actually feel it working in my body. Amazing stuff. And if you want more info first go to and look up probiotic or omegas.

Many blessings-

Chrissie said...

Gosh I sure hope you get it out like a 24hr thing those just have to pass anyway no meds help. That was nice of the friend to offer to keep the boys overnight. Get some rest and praying you are healed soon.
Take care, Chrissie