Sunday, October 19, 2008

Lessons Learned, oh so hard

It's a little after 2 am and I am finally feeling tired enough to go to sleep. We started Awana back up tonight and it's fabulous and exhausting all at once! Jack's in Spark's this year and he was so excited and loved that he got to see me. Sadly when we got home I never got to talk to him about it. I'm the Spark's Director so I'm all over the place, making sure the Leaders have everything they need, showing them how to do certain things (paperwork), helping with said paperwork, making sure everyone's leaving on time to go to the next event, etc.

I had put a roast in the crockpot, so that dinner would be easier. I had meant to have potatoes in it before I left, but ran out of time. So I peeled those when I got home and just made reg. mashed potatoes. I had put carrots around it, added some garlic, a half an onion, and some other seasonings. I made some peas for Jack because he doesn't like cooked carrots and since I had just made him eat one last week and he gagged and almost got sick, I'm not going to force the boy to eat a cooked veggie he hates (loves them raw though!). Emma loves veggies, I've yet to find one she does. She loved the whole meal and was covered in it! LOL Jacob didn't eat well though.

Speaking of Jacob, he's definately going through things and I'm not sure exactly what. I have decided tomorrow I'm putting Emma and Jack down and letting him stay up for about 30 minutes aftewards so we can talk. I have no doubt he's missing Chad, but he also found out that B and her family are leaving, because he out right asked me and I will NOT lie to him. We don't have a date, so I told him that they are leaving, but it could be before Christmas to as late as next summer. If I haven't said it before, this is one of the worst parts of Army life (deployments being the #1 worst part), but it's a part of it none the less and I know we'll get through it, and I also know it's not going to be easy. Pain and grieving will be a part of B and their family leaving. B's son "B" is Jacob's best friend. Please just pray for Jacob. He's only 7 and he's had to say goodbye to friends, but this is his best friend and they've spent at least 4 to 5 days a week together pretty well for the last 2 1/2 yrs, minus our 7 weeks in the states.

I don't know if I blogged about this or not, but I got the oh so brilliant idea to cut the boys hair. Jack was first. I had him stand in the tub figuring it'd be the easiest place to catch all the hair and to clean it up from, and that was not a problem at all. The problem is I didn't know what I was doing and that boy has oh 1,000 more callick's than I even knew he had and I knew he had quite a few! LOL Well from the first cut I knew it wasn't going well, but thought I'd get the hang of it and that I'd be able to make something of it. I mean goodness Chad's done it many times and it turns out great, how hard could it be?'s the end result....

Oh here's what he looked like BEFORE I had to shave the poor kids head completely:

So what did this Momma learn?

It's well worth paying what ever amount the barber shop wants to charge to cut my little boys hair. I will NEVER cut his hair again. Jacob I just trimmed his. He has stick straight, very fine hair. I just cut it across the front and then shaved around the ears, and trimmed up the back. MUCH easier. Jack has not only all the callick's but also super thick hair. Goodness, I give props for sure to those who cut his hair and make it turn out like I want it too!!!
What's wonderful is that Jack LOVES having his head shaved so he looksl ike Daddy now. (Chad totally shaved his head bald since he got to Iraq this time!). Jack's hair also grows really fast so probably in a month, he's going to need a haircut and we will be walking over the barber and letting them cut, shave, trim..what ever they need to do!

Oh and tomorrow I'm going to do a catch up post on the 30 days of praying for America. My friend had gotten behind after a death in the family and then I left for Prague and tomorrow is catch up day! Join me in praying for our country!!!


Jenny said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. As you probably read my g'daughter has just come home from a school trip to Germany which she very much enjoyed.
Jenny <><

Gillie said...

I so remember the heartbreak of my best friend's family getting transferred when I was 8! I feel for him!

I tried cutting Hubby's hair once~that is once! It was awful! I can't even describe the mayhem! Since that episode thankfully it would never occur to me to even attempt to cut Griff's hair! God Bless Ya for trying!!