Tuesday, October 07, 2008

This and That

Today was a good day, a really good day! The morning went nice and smooth and Emma fell asleep before lunch and took about an hour nap. We had lunch, Emma woke up and joined us, then it was time to start school. Both boys were great with school today and let me tell you God's just been so good to me with school this year. I was honestly terrified to be teaching Jackson. He had little desire to do anything last year as far as preschool work was concerned, and the fight ultimately was not worth it. I didn't want to ruin homeschooling for/with him before we'd even officially began so although he's "behind" kids his age that go to preschool...he's making up for it very quickly. He's learning to write very quickly, he's recognizing his letters and numbers more every day and loves to be read to (which has been a hit or miss thing for him over the years). He's a boy that needs to be praised more, so daily I praise him on his school (praising Jacob too of course, but Jacob doesn't NEED it to feel confident in his school work). Today the both just jumped into their school work, they did it well, neatly, and truly it felt like with joy in their hearts! We're still inching into various subjects and have yet to really touch history or science...Science will be coming next week, because they're both itching to start it! I think in November we'll add in history. I will start spelling words for Jacob next week as well. We're doing something a little unconventional to work on his handwriting this year. I'm having him write a letter to Chad every week! This helps him work on his penmanship, spelling, punctuation, etc and Chad gets a letter from him. What I've done so far is he dictates what he wants the letter to say, I write it out, then he copies it. We'll do this until we break for Christmas, then once we start back in the new year, he'll be writing it on his own and I'll look over it and make corrections, make a copy and send the original letter to Chad and we'll go over the copy so he can see where he needs to make the corrections and I'll have him send the fixed version to Chad as well. This helps Chad stay in on his schooling, gives Jacob good practice, and keeps them communicating in the good old fashioned way...and Daddy loves to get mail! So it's truly a win-win. I just have to make sure Chad writes him back! I'm hoping by spring Jack can write him a couple sentences note, so he can feel apart of it as well.

While Jacob was reading out loud, I started sorting laundry, then we went for a walk with our friend B. We picked up her son from school. She brought their dog, Lola who's a Lab. She's a great dog, still a puppy...but 18 months so full size and sooo strong! Jacob started walking her, well ok reality...she was walking Jacob, no DRAGGING Jacob. Literally he fell and she kept going and he was being pulled behind her. We got him back up and he lost his grip and she took off, would grab the end of her leash and run. B finally caught her, she she walked her while Jacob pushed her daughter in her stroller and I pushed Emma. On our way from picking her son up, to drop Lola back off at home since we were going to the PX, Commissary, and Mailroom...I offered to walk her. She was very good for me, but at one time yanked a little on her leash and it broke my nail. It's broke about a 1/4 of the way back and hurts. I've trimmed it as good as I can, but if I trim anymore, we're going to see the underneath of my nail and I can't bear that (the pain or the sight). So I'm going to put a bandaid on it before heading to bed, and hope the nail grows quickly.

Today was the first time B and I have walked since coming back from the states. Before my trip we were walking everyday, all over post. So it was so nice to be back into our little ritual. Of course life's a little crazier for both of us with sports, but this is the last week for Jacob's soccer (Jack finished last week). So she'll still have her son's football, but we'll have the flexibility of walking with her to get him from school if our school work is done.

I'm going to start going back to the gym next week if I can get everything figured out as far as childcare. With Chad deployed I get 16 free hours of childcare per child through School Age Services for the boys, Family Childcare (in home), or the CDC (for Emma). I will not be using the CDC. There's also a FCC provider offering childcare at the gym now, so I think that's what I'll do with Emma. I was planning on going in the mornings to the gym, so I'm going to see if my neighbor is still willing to watch the boys twice a week while I go to the gym. In the afternoons once they're done with school a couple times a week I'll let them go play at SAS. We're taking the winter off from sports (Mama needs a break!) so this will be a fun thing for them to do!

We're now into our 5th month of this 15 month deployment. Time is dragging for me I have to say. It feels like he's been gone closer to 9 months and feels like we should be about done, but we're not even half way done...still 2 1/2 months to go before I can even say that. Chad on the otherhand said the deployment is going by quickly for him and for that I'm so grateful. If it has to drag for one of us, I'd rather it be me...at least I'm here in the comforts of our home with our children, our bed, friends, and safety. We still have months to go before he's home for R&R too. We have decided what we're doing for R&R at least...we're going to Rome! I think we'll go for 3-5 days. I'm not sure yet. I think we're going to drive to Vecinza, stay a night or two there, maybe even take another trip to Venice, then take the train to Rome, on the train ride there we'll get off in Piza and sight see for a day and my friend B is going to give us a few other places that are must see's that will be on our way down to Rome to see as well! I'm excited! We want to try and go to new places and although we've been to Italy, we've not been to Rome. When he comes home for good, for block leave we're planning on taking a Greek Cruise! A friend of mine did this after our last deployment and she said it was very family friendly and she has some wonderful pictures of their whole family. We have a list of places we want to go to, so after this deployment is over and block leave is over we'll be able to mark those off! We are truly so blessed. This deployment is not easy and our family is sacrificing a great deal of time and memories being seperated, but this is Chad's job, his career and he loves it and I support him and what he's doing 100%. We just try to make the most of our time together. The most important thing when he's home is family time, we're just blessed that family time can include amazing places that so many just don't get the opportunity to see. The boys are old enough that they'll have some memories of their time here and although Emma won't be able to have her own memories, she'll see that she was at all these amazing places!!

So anyways...my plans for tomorrow: If Emma's feeling better, I guess I forgot to mention that when we got home I changed Emma because she'd soaked through (she'd drank 12 oz of water while were on our walk), but it wasn't urine...she has diarreah and it was literally water. :( She was so red. I nursed her and she fell right to sleep (bare bottom and all). I laid a towel on the couch and then covered her up and she slept for about an hour. She woke up just as I'd finished up dinner and was happy. Her cheeks were really red and she felt warm, but she had a smile on her face. She was happy to go into her high chair, but didn't touch dinner. This is NOT like Emma. She may be tiny, but she LOVES to eat. So I knew she definately was not feeling good. I am guessing there's a bug going around and she must have caught it. I just keep telling myself that everytime she gets sick, her immune system only gets stronger.
So anyways, if she's feeling better in the morning, then I am going to PWOC, going to the post office to mail in my voter registration so I can get my absentee ballot ( are you registered?? It's important!!), coming home and starting laundry, having lunch, getting Emma down for her nap, doing art with the boys. At 5 Jacob has soccer practice, so I need to make sure I have dinner planned out and everything prepared to be cooked once I'm home. Work on laundry some more (probably just folding and putting away for the most part). I plan to not wash/dry past 7 pm. Then we'll finish our evening up with dinner, baths, story, prayers, and bed for the kids.
Thursday I will have to finish up laundry and Jacob has his last soccer game, then I will have to come home and pack!! Friday morning we're heading to Prague! It's known to be the most beautiful city in all of EUROPE! I am so excited! We're also planning on going up to Poland for 2 days as well and staying in a city (the name just left my head) that's compared to Venice because of all the cannals! We're going to hit a couple castles while in Poland and planning on hitting the town that we go to for Polish Pottery! Wahoo! I don't plan to buy much pottery this trip, because I didn't budget it in, but will get a couple pieces I'm sure! :) I will definately take lots and lots of pictures and will share!

Ok, not sure if I'll blog again before our trip or not....we'll see if the mood hits.

God Bless


Amanda said...

((((((((((((((((((HUGSTOYOU))))))))))))))))))Gald Emma is feeling better.Glad School is good ith the kids.Have a nice night.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for your beautiful comments of support and love it means so much to me I hope I can also be there for others we all sometimes can use a friend so Iam here if you ever need me Blessings Kat:)

AGirlNexDoorCreation said...

Hey there...found you...Love the music in your blog...glad to find you..have a great rest of the week...hugs from you Kansas friend..TerryAnn