Saturday, October 04, 2008

Request for all those talented taggers

Ok so I'm going out on a limb and just going to ask, would someone be willing to make me a personal tag? If you look at my profile picture, that's what I'm talking about. That was in very outdated, we're talking 3 yrs ago, so it obviously doesn't include Emma in it and I really want one with her in it.

I'm happy to email pictures, but I'm not talented enough to do it and would love you forever!! LOL

If you're willing let me just thank you now x's 1,0000000!


Linda said...

I'm not great at doing collages Christy, but if no one else says they can do one, I'd be very happy to give it a try for you. So...just let me know if you don't find someone! I see Donna is on your follower list...I know she will do it, she has a heart of gold!

Love & Pooh Hugs,