Sunday, October 05, 2008

Pray for America Days 4-6

I want to first start off with an apology for not posting these, my brain just left here are the days I've missed. I'm not going to include the personal prayer for all of the days, but the last one.
Day 4
7. Pray for the leaders, churches and Christians of California and Colorado.
8. Pray for the Holy Spirit to bring conviction of sin and draw Americans to faith in Christ (John 16:8).

Day 5

9. Pray for the leaders, churches, and Christians of Connecticut and Delaware.
10. Pray for those who serve as police officers, prosecutors, defenders, judges, and Justices of the U.S. Supreme Court, that they would be vigilant in service and wise in judgement

Day 6
11. Prayer for the leaders, churches and Christians of Florida and Georgia.
12. Play that the Church will deepen its commitment to prayer and never cease to call upon God. (Psalms 5:3; 55:17; Isaiah 62:6).

Lord we pray for California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, and Georgia. Father I pray tonight that you will convict us of our sins that we do constantly against you. That you'll strengthen our will to be closer to you. Lord I pray for all those who are serving in public office, who are supposed to protect their fellow Americans whether it be police officers or Judges. Let them make wise decisions in their arrests all the way to their convictions and all that falls in between.
Lord pray with open heart that our family, your fellowers the church will find a desire to seek you, to talk to you unceasing, that they/we will hear your words, your guidance, your will and we will do all we can. Lord it is t hrough you we are strong and it is through you we are weak. Nothing happens without your permission, even the "bad", Lord you have ordained and there is a reason and your Glory will be that reason. Lord let us as Christians praise you through this storm. Let us see YOU working Lord for our greater good. Let us fight Satan as he tries to steal the joy you have given us and the pain you've allowed us all to feel from a weakened economy to high gas prices.
Thank you Lord, for allowing us to have so many luxuries that have turned into what many feel are necesseties. Lord let us see things for what they really are. You are an AWESOME GOD. You are a Great GOD. You are OUR God, My GOD. I Praise you, I seek You, I Love you.

It's in your Revelant Name I pray