Thursday, October 30, 2008

It's ONLY 1 PM

This has already been a long day. I had Emma's "1 yr" pictures taken today, she's 14 months old, and pictures is ONE thing I really like to do "on time" I'm a little obessive about them! LOL I'm ok though. Well Emma wanted virtually no part of it. It probably could have went better had the boys not immediately showed her the horse, which is a Christmas prop and sat her on it. She loved it and did NOT want off of it, of course! So I finally get her over to the pretty little wicker chair that our photographer set up. She sat in it for a couple shots, then wanted to go back to the darn horse. We tried a higher chair (VERY high), got a couple shots on that as well. Then we finally gave in and brought the horse over, we got a few cute shots on it. Then she decided she was done. WHAT? I still had another outfit (Linda, it was the K-State outfit you got her) and Halloween costumes. Oh goodness. Well she was NOT smiling in her CUTE and ADORABLE K-State outfit, but we still got a cute picture. Then it was time to dress my little bear as a sweet lion. The boys were in their Halloween costumes as well and were happy as could be to have their picture taken, well Emma's SCREAMING her head off. We got a few pictures (she's screaming) the boys are smiling. At one point Emma pushed Jackson off the platform they were sitting on, oh yes, it was a "lovely" session. By the time it was time to pick out photo's she was SCREAMING and oh you all will say you've heard screams, but Emily can attest, Emma's screams is "special". My eardrums were KILLING me. I was pretty well PAST annoyed and heading into anger. Yes, oh yes I really, honestly was so mad at that point I could have spit nails. I paid for our pictures, thanked our photograher who's a friend of mine and was so beyond patient with Emma and her stinking FIT, oh GOD bless her...and we left. I had to make one last stop, grab some paperwork for an apt I have at 1:45 (in 15 minutes now) and then we came home, where Miss Emma fell asleep and has been sleeping since. No lunch yet, just sleep. I don't know if she's getting sick, growth spurt, or still teething...if it's one of those I feel horrible at being so mad at her, but I'm human and one can only take some much ear peircing screaming.

And here it is, time for me to wake up the child who I admittedly have spoiled beyond anything sane, and have to go to my apt, come home in just enough time to take the boys to SAS, come home and clean my butt off, because B's kids are coming over and this place is rediculous, messy, and I'm admitting I've just been lazy, procrastinating, and not caring all that much.

Ok..I have to go. I'll most likely write more later tonight.


Yolanda said...

Oh, I'm chuckling as I'm imaginging what a mouth of spitting nails looks like, and cleaning my butt off.

I'm not pointing fingers, believe me Sister, oh how I HAVE BEEN THERE!

Love to you,

Ashley Griffin said...

i remember those picture days! we have resorted to just about outside pictures ONLY! they are much easier! just a thought...