Monday, October 27, 2008

"Not Me" Monday

Ok before I begin, please everyone be in prayer for McMama as Baby Stellan will be arriving THIS WEEK! It's exciting and most definately prayer-worthy! So fill her up with your prayers and love!

Now on with the "show"...

"I was as healthy as a horse this weekend. I do NOT get sick, oh no not me. I did not hate the Army this weekend as I sat plastered to the toilet, thinking how much easier life would be if my husband were home and not in Iraq, not me obviously".

" I did NOT mess up and give my boy's soccer coach the wrong gift card as a thank you on Thursday and just discover the mistake today, no not me"

" I did not yell at my 1 yr old as she screamed her Octive C high screach this weekend, because I am the most tolerant and gentle mother on this planet."

"I did not throw up for 1 hour STRAIGHT and pray I did not have an accident elsewhere, Sunday morning, not me and thankfully I did not!"

"I did NOT enjoy the fact that from Friday evening until Saturday evening my boys were with other people, and were two less "things" I had to deal with, not me, no never!"

"I did not whine about my husband being deployed to Emily for the umpteenth time last week, not me. I'm the model Army wife, who sits by and never complains, see's only the positive, and never dwells on the negatives of the fact that her husband is deployed for 15 months."

"I did not run out of Pepsi last night and become a raging lunitic, not me, I'm not caffiene dependent...nope, not I".

"I did not find a bit of joy in the fact that I lost 8 lbs by being sick, no I should only lose it the right way, by eating right and working out hard".

"I did not fill out my absentee ballot with joy, thankful that I'm an American and allowed to Vote".

"I did not make my boys clean up under the diningroom table and their sister's high chair today, oh no not I. I'm not mean and a bit lazy like that, and make my children actually help around the house".

" I did not sit at the computer while my boys were cleaning the dining room, I'm surely not that lazy and mean".

"I did not put up the gate to the kitchen to keep Emma out, because frankly she drives me crazy while she's in there, oh no not me".

"I did not leave the clothes still piled up on my loveseat, most of the unfolded, because I'm too lazy to fold them and put them away. I love laundry don't you know?"

"I did not decide that the stairs in our apartment building would suffice for my excercise today, as I went up and down them 10 times doing laundry, no not me"

"I did not have a bang of envy, once again, for my neighbors who live on the 2nd floor because it's one less flight of stairs, but same size apartment as my own, while carrying my super heavy laundry basket up 4 flights up stairs today, oh goodness no, not me..."

Ok, so if you wish to join, click on the button at the top, and read the rules for Not me Monday and join in! Don't forget to be praying for McMama and Baby Stellan!


Yolanda said...

Oh no, not me, I never have a stinky attitude and have the most awful thought life, oh no not me.

Love to you!


Amanda said...

Oh my for dear! I am SO sorry about the sickness... cause as a mom you don't get to just be sick, you get to be sick AND be responsible for the care of others! My heart goes out to you.

And I chuckled throughout your "Not Me's" thinking to myself... well whats wrong with that? Well, me too! Well, That makes TOTAL sense to me!

You are such a joy.

Many blessings-

Janis said...

Ditto Amanda's post...sounds like my life in a lot of ways. :) I too made my one year old clean up under the table not once but twice today for the food she tried to hide under there!

God Bless

Jill said...


Glad you are feeling better!

Praising God for His healing touch and giving you some rest.

Where in Germany are you stationed?

Praying for you and your family!

In His grace,

Jenny said...

I hope you are feeling better now. It seems i haven't been getting your post alerts, will have to look into it.
Jenny <><