Saturday, October 25, 2008

Should be in bed

I think I laid around dosing in and out so much today and taking a nap that here I am wide awake. I had started feeling better earlier, even made me something to eat, but now it's gurgling again. I will say I'm sick of spending so much one on one time in the bathroom.

I've decided we're not going to church in the morning. I'm pretty strict on if my kids are sick, to make sure they've been healthy for 24 hrs before bringing them around others, well I need to follow that myself, and at least skip church. Awana though is the one thing I don't feel I should miss, but at the same time I don't need to be exposing all the kids that I'll be around to what I have, because it's NOT pleasant. I emailed my friend who's over the whole program and she told me that I'd be covered, and to just take care of myself and get healthy. I love her! I figure that if I can't go I'll see if B will take the boys so they don't have to miss. She's my secretary so she has to be there anyways, although her son has the same thing I do.

Speaking of her son, I was worried when she told me he had to too, that I'd passed it onto him, when I stopped by her van today to give her his birthday present. But as I was talking to another friend, she said it's a bug that's been going around and either we were probably around the same person or it was just a coincidence, because I've barely seen him this week, other than today I literally peeked my head into her van to talk to my boys, but it was moore just looking through the door talking to them.

So far my 3 are still healthy. I was really worried about Emma, not knowing if she'd come down with it or not since she's been with me this whole time, but so far so good. Her bowel movements have been normal..not she's good!! I told my boys if they woke up with diarreah or vomitting to make sure to at least let me know. We'll just keep praying that they don't get it. I kept windows open here all day, even though it was chilly to try and air the place out as much as I could, while not freezing Emma and I out. I stayed cuddled in a blanket most of the time and she was dressed warmly and comfortably.

I am feeling absolutely drained all of a sudden, so I'm going to go lay down. Thank you for any and all prayers. I truly appreciate it.


Gillie said...

I hope you are feeling better and the illness passes quickly AND none of the kiddies get it!