Saturday, January 24, 2009

Bit of this and a bit of that!

Ok so to go along with my completely insane obession I just went and counted Emma's bows, knowing that there are few that are currently MIA (as in Miss Emma ripped it off her head and stowed it and said head band in a secret place...when I find that secret place I bet I find at least 10 more! LOL I know I have a couple in her diaper bag and I think one in my purse...but am too lazy to go and look!) So from what's on her ribbon holder and what's attached to a little basket I have (because said ribbon holder is FULL..Momma needs to buy a new one! LOL) and the new ones we just got in the mail on Wednesday....Emma has 45 bows (again that's not counting the ones missing and in diaper bags/purse!) So my guess is she actually has closer to 50-55 bows. I know, it's really obscene and seeing the numbers it's almost embarrassing. The thing is...ordering them, totally addicting! LOL I just love them, and that in lays the problem. I love all their bows and want one of every single one they offer (if I keep it up, I may end up with all of them too! ROFL!!) Seriously if Chad read my blog (he could, he just doesn't!) he'd probably be about to have a heart attack right now! I will say this, for the fact that every single bow is hand made, and they're each unique...the prices are AWESOME! The most expensive bow I believe I have is Emma's Kansas State Wildcats and Kansas City Chiefs bows, and they were less than $10.00 and we're talking those are 100% custom and guess what I looooooooove them!

So here's Emma tonight, showing off one of her new Valentine Day bows (I ordered her a few...they're all different and I also got her ONE St. Patrick's Day one, but I may get her a couple more, we'll see! LOL).

She would barely stand still this evening as I was trying to take pictures of her with her bow on! I was totally cracking up as she tried to get right up in the camera, so there were a few WHITE Flash pictures that had to get deleted! The bow says Hugs and Kisses and also has "X's and O's" on it and it's a double bow of dark pink under light pink! Her pink head band would look really cute with this bow too!
Ok so enough about bows! :) Earlier this week, we finally got the kids Christmas gifts my brother ordered. We knew they were going to be late, it just felt like it took forever for them to get here (he ordered them from and it was right on with the delivery date, I just had high hopes they'd be early! Nope!! LOL)
Well Emma (and the boys too) loved playing in the box! At one point they were all 3 in the box, but this was on a day that I could barely move, because I felt so bad. (Can we say MIGRAINE?). I was able to get a picture of Emma while she played in the box the other day though, she was cracking me up. She played in it for over an hour, at least!

I know terrible shot, but I was going for a full body, full box shot for my brother actually, because I was talking to my SIL while she was doing this!

This was right before she folded in all the sides and "closed" herself in! She just giggled inside the box! She's so much fun!

So yesterday out of the blue we got some freak, unexpected snow storm blow in. It came down hard and fast and didn't last long. It did last long enough and was just the right texture that Jacob was able to make a snow man!!!

Jacob is on the right, the boy on the left is our neighbor boy, and the tiny little snow man! Jacob used charcoil brick's that someone just left laying in the picnic area (grrr)...

That's all the snow we got, it's not a lot and you can see the tracks of where the boys drug the sleds. Jacob met an 11 yr old boy who JUST moved here and this was the first time he'd EVER played in the snow, so Jacob took him sledding! Jacob kept going "Mom can you believe he's NEVER seen snow!" So we did a Geography lesson on the South! (The boy was born and they'd always been stationed in South Carolina aka Ft. Bragg). Jacob was just seriously shocked! LOL
Well I'm really, really tired. We have church in the morning and I am teaching children's church (completely unprepared since I wasn't feeling good and had switched with someone, and didn't get a reminder...which obviously I NEEDED to go pick up the curc. and look it over! Thankfully I've taught it quite a bit and it's easy for the most part! We'll be going up there early though so I can make sure I don't need to make copies of anything and get things set up if necessary!).
Good Night!


He And Me + 3 said...

Love the bow...super cute. How fun to get some unexpected snow & what a cute little snowman they made. Fun!

Leene said...

I checked out the five little bow website and they do have beautiful bows, I think I'll be placing in order in the next few days. Lets just hope M and J will wear the bows. I'm so jealous you got some snow - we'd love some to play in. My sister who's stationed at Fort Bragg, NC just got 4 inches this past Monday, that's highly unusual for them. Leene

CntryMomma said...

I need to figure a way to store the girls bows. We have spring clips and some are the ponytail ribbons ... I don't think that ribbon would work. :o/

Barbara said...

What a precious Emma is! And growing up so quick! Who can blame you for wanting lots of cute bows for a doll of a girl!

Take care and God bless all of you.

The Thompson's said...

Ok I tried to get the video but when I cam back to your site your video said that it was nom longer available. Any ideas?

Gillie said...

Yeah...I am all caught up with you now!!!!
Have a great week!!

Carolyn said...

So adorable!! You need to post with nothing but Emma in her bows! I had no idea (only knowing mostly boys) that there were so many cute ones out there- almost makes me want a little girl too~ I'll have to look for some for my grand daughter! God Bless you Christy

a corgi said...

Emma is so adorable! I loved the picture with her and the bow! priceless!!

the snowman was cute too!


Amanda said...

Wow. Emma is so beautiful! Glad the kids got to have fun playing outside!!!

You are such a hoot...I smiled through your whole post!

God bless-

Linda said...

Emma looks so cute with the bows! I so want a grand daugther this time so I can have a bow addiction too! Linda