Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Get down on those knee's and send up those prayers

Ok so today is a big day for my Emily (yes I'm possessive like that, she's MINE!LOL). Today she's having a big ultrasound to check out this beautiful baby that is growing in her. It's probably emotionally more important than any other appointment she's had.
They have had horrible weather there in Kentucky and they're driving to Nashville, it's pretty well all major roads out of town and then the interstate, and I'm not sure what the road will be like going to the hospital she's going to. Pray for clear roads, safe driving (not just for Matt but for the others who will be out on the roads this morning). Prayers for peace. This is NOT a time that Satan is going to get. He has been trying his hardest to give Emily anxiety and worry, but this is absolutely NOT HIS.

Pray with me please. She is most likely on her way now. As soon as she calls and gives me permission I'll update here on how this baby is. Oh and they will hopefully confirm if it truly is Miss Abilgail or if this baby is a he, like um...many of us actually suspect! LOL No matter girl or boy, pray for them. They trust the Lord in what ever his decision is when it comes to this baby.

I will admit I want this baby to be healthy. I want Emily to bring this baby home 2 or 3 days after birth and just drink this baby in. She's only been able to bring one of her babies home just days after birth as so many momma's take for granted. Her Hope, her oldest is the only one that came home like that. Matilyn had Gastrocysis (I think I spelled that right!) so she was in the hospital for nearly a month, and Miller Grace never did grace their home outside of Emily's womb. Will you join in me in prayer?

Let us petition our Lord that he answers all of our prayers for a healthy baby for Emily and Matt to bring home. I know if Emily reads this she'll probably say " Just a baby to bring home" matter if that baby is perfect, she/he will be perfectly loved...already is!
Will you join me and drop to your knees along with me? The u/s is at 10 AM CST. So lets go Prayer Warriors...pray for my sweet Emily and her sweet husband Matt. (Yes Emily I called him sweet..figured it's a day I won't be ornery to him).


ReadyAim said...

Hi Christy, I prayed for Emily when I went to bed. I woke up at 2and prayed again. Actually, I kept waking up at looking at the clock wondering what time her appt. was and if she was on the way.

I have such a peace that Abigail is just fine and that she will come home just as you described. I just pray that Emily will be able to relax and enjoy the rest of the pregnancy to its fullest, especially if it might be her last.

Personally, I think she's such a wonderful mama that she should just fill her house up with little Cassetty's. Besides, he is awfully cute pregnant. : )

Looking forward to hearing some happy news. Thanks for being the messenger.


Amanda said...

You got it! Prayers all for Emily!!

And you too... AND heres some insomnia advice..and you better just TAKE IT!!

Get a massage. And a babysitter. Rent a good movie... lay around. I dont know what that has to do with insomnia, but I like to think about you just taking time for you!!!

God bless-