Monday, January 19, 2009

Well here we are again, It's "Not Me! Monday" so go on over to MckMama's (click on the graphic above) read the rules (they're simple don't worry!!) and join in! It's fun, it's easy, and hey don't worry because we know that everything you posted, you absolutely surely never did! I mean who'd confess all their weekly sins on a blog for the world to read?
This morning when my boys got up and discovered it was raining in our part of Germany and that their beloved snow was washed away and whining about it, it was NOT ME who told them to just "get over it". I have more compassion than THAT!
It was definitely not me who "hung up" on my husband while talking on Skype because a helicopter was flying over and was scrambling things up so I could not understand him. I was NOT completely mean and did NOT yell into the microphone that I'd HAD IT and he'd just have to type". I mean come on, I have been apart from my husband for almost 8 months, he's in a WAR, I would NEVER, EVER yell at that sweet precious man who had no control over that.
It was also not me that after that felt like utter and complete dog doo and asked his forgiveness, and it was not him who said "forgive what" which did not make me feel even worse, because he's ultimately just a nicer person than I am!
It was NOT me who skipped taking her children to the library on Thursday and then told them we'd go on Sunday and it was definitely not me who did not take them on Sunday either (never mind that their sister is sick). So it's surely not me that has to take them tomorrow or be pegged the biggest loswer of a homeschooling mom! :X
It was not me who sat down a few days ago and ate a whole POUND of twizzlers in about 3 hours. Nope that wasn't me.
It's surely not me that's already so sick of hearing all the inaguration junk and thinks I may actually get sick if I have to listen to anymore of it. (But I am praying for him, even though I don't want to...I'm doing it)
It was NOT me who did not do any laundry for 2 weeks. It was not me who finally decided that I HAD to do it today, because my kids and myself are completely out of socks. It was also not me that discovered I had left clothes in the laundry room since I last did laundry and was horrified at myself!
I did not jump up and down Saturday when Chad through our special code of dates (those of us in the military can't just give out dates, you never know who's watching, reading, or listening aka OPSEC/Operation Security) told me when he should be home for R&R. I did not try to call Emily and Tami and was not absolutely saddened that I couldn't get ahold of them because they both pretend to have a life outside of my needs. (Humph!) So it wasn't me who just came on here blogged all about it!
It's not me who might actually jump my husband when I see him! (oops did I actually write that??????)
It is not me who has a box sitting right beside me all ready for Chad for the last oh two weeks, and has not taken it to the post office. I mean what kind of Army wife would I be if I wasn't sending my husband multiple care packages a month. That'd be horrible wouldn't it?!
I was not ticked off and really annoyed that the exchange student who lived with our family my senior year, was able to visit my parents last week. I did not want to spit nails. I did not have those feelings because I was surely not jealous and there's no way I thought that my parents didn't deserve a visit less than me! (I'm not all about me that way)
Jackson did not lock himself in a bathroom on Friday night while we were at the Hospitality House. It was not me who had to squat and talk him through putting the key BACK into the lock and turning it so he could get himself out. It was not me who was thinking that who ever built the house was a complete idiot for the way they put the door on (the hinges are on the INSIDE of the bathroom) and it was not me trying to figure out HOW I was going to break into that bathroom if he couldn't get it opened. It was not me who had to walk into another room after he got the door unlocked and breath very deeply so I wouldn't cry.
Emma did not close her bedroom door on Saturday and bang on it over and over again saying "helloooooooooooooo" because she wanted out. I did not ignore her for a second because I thought it was funny.
It is not me who's counting down the days until my husband is home. I am positively not excited, and ready to jump out of my skin to see him. It will not be 8 1/2 months since he left by the time he got home. I really have no right to be excited.
Ok so...come on and join in on the fun! :) Share all those things you didn't do this past week!


Missie said...

I'm really tired of hearing all about the Inaguration crap too. I just can't wait till it's over.

Have a good week.

Randy said...

Hello Miss Christy!

I FEEL YOUR RELIEF For not Doing all those Things!lol That was too Good! Do you feel Better!lol I know you will be so happy to see your husband! Have a great Day!

God Bless


Amanda said...

Oh you are such a hoot! lol I love reading these not mes when you do them... makes me remember that you're human! See, I always kinda just picture you as super mom!

You have a great night!

God bless-

He And Me + 3 said...

I am so excited for your husband to come were cracking me up with the jump him comment...did you really write that? Too funny. I don't blame you!

Janis said...

Can I just ditto Amanda? lol

I am so excited that you get to see Chad soon! How wonderful for you!



Beth in NC said...

LOL ... great NMM! Too funny! I hope your hubby gets home soon!