Friday, January 09, 2009

It's all good

I got to talk to my sweet hubby earlier and got good news! A few weeks ago Chad changed companies, still the same battalion, just a different company. This has been a VERY positive change for Chad, as he really likes the guys he's working with, likes his 1st Sgt. and Commander, there's always going to be a couple people that grate on his nerves, but over all it's been a VERY positive thing in so many ways. He's not going out on missions hardly at all, which is FABULOUS for me, because the worry of being outside of base camp lessens greatly! He's able to call a lot more often, when he calls he's just been in a really good mood over all, he's able to go to chapel every Sunday now (that is HUGE!), he's been able to have prayer meetings with the Chaplain, and he's in the process of starting back to school (working on that degree!). So anyways when he moved companies he was initially told his R&R would change from the Feb. time slot we were looking at to March. Not bad, I could handle it, but I was totally nagging him on dates! LOL Nagging in a loving way, but I admit I've been nagging! I'm ready to see him, it's been 7 1/2 MONTHS people, I miss my husband! So he called today and I asked him again! ;) He said "hold on and I'll go ask 1st Sgt.!" Wahoo, doing a little happy dance. He returns quickly and says "He told me to double check with "old company" but it's then"! YES,YES,YES! So if all goes as it husband should be home in just over a month give or take a few days!
So................... cleaning begins! Let me just tell you now, I HATE cleaning. I am NOT organized, I HATE CLEANING. Ok, so can you GUESS what my bedroom looks like? Guess what's the dumping ground in our home? Guess where EVERYTHING is THROWN (sometimes literally) when someone's coming over and I have limited time to clean up. You guessed it, my bedroom. I know, it's supposed to be my sanctuary...HA! It's so far from that! Let me tell you, I had all these good intentions when Chad left in May. I was going to get our room all organized and be my peaceful retreat. Well it's the room I avoid. Of course I also said I was going to go through our storage room...guess what has NOT happened! LOL Yeah, you guessed it, I have ADDED to the mess of our storage room, but sorting through, throwing out, etc...has NOT happened.

I was on a kick that the boys and us were going to trade rooms because ultimately there's more room in their room than ours (we do have an extra closet)...well I wanted to do this during R&R. The boys room is painted Green. Cute for a little boys room, but it's pastel green and it is NOT what this Momma wants. So it meant that Chad would be painting our bedroom a nice beige (NOT off white...darker) and would paint the boys room either green or blue. Well as soon as he asked if I would want him to paint the room, God convicted my butt all over the place. We're NOT changing rooms. What we are going to do is get our room completely organized, we're going to go through all the toys in the boys bedroom and sort through and get rid of TONS, go through clothes, etc....when Chad leaves the boys will have 1/3 of the toys they have now in there. I'd like to get them a love seat for their room. I found one at Momax (think Ikea but even cheaper and about 20 minutes closer to us!). Well they have a loveseat that pulls out to a bed, which would be great for sleep overs. We're also going to pull their beds apart. They have bunk beds and if you read my Not Me Monday, you will understand (if not, go back and read!!). I also have shelf in Emma's room that needs to be hung and some totes that need to come out of her room and a box that I can not move by myself, so when Chad's home we'll be doing that. We will be busy organizing. I am also hopeful we can get through the storage room. We may not be able to do all of the storage room, but if we could get through at least half, that would truly bring me so much peace and I truly believe I'd feel better going through the last half of the deployment.

Oh for fun during R&R we're going to Salburg, Austria!!! I'm soooo excited! This is in my top 3 places to visit so we're going to mark it off! I just need to book us a hotel or apartment for the time we're there. I can't do that though until he's home really, because until he's on that flight from Kuwait heading to Germany, nothing's a definite. We will do some other fun things too, but they'll be more locally!

Oh none of you realize just how excited I am to know that next MONTH I'll get to actually hug my husband, kiss him, sleep beside him, hold him, cuddle with him, oh and ready for this...I can take a shower without anyone banging on the shower doors aka EMMA! Wahoo!!!!!!!!!!
Oh I'm just so ready to have him home with us!

Well, I have to get to bed. We have a busy day tomorrow. I have a Tea tomorrow afternoon. I'm giving a friend a ride to it, and she's going to look at the train table that I'm selling, she wants to buy it for her little boy! Yeah!! One thing out of the basement and extra money in the pocket!!

God Bless and Goodnight!


Donna said...

I hate cleaning too. Always have, always will.

He And Me + 3 said...


That is the best news. How awesome for you. I can't even imagine the happiness in your heart today, knowing that in a few weeks you will be a family again (under the same roof) So happy for you!

LIZ said...

I know exactly how excited you are...and I couldnt be happier for you. Im so happy your husband is coming home!!!

EmilytheCreative said...

How exciting!! I can tell you are excited.. almost could hear you saying it as I read your post. So glad you will get to be with your hubby for a couple of weeks!

Daphine said...

This is awesome news! Praise the Lord! You are a very strong woman! It takes a very special person to do what you do everyday. Thanks for sharing such great news!

Have a great weekend!

CntryMomma said...

So happy you received awesome news!! Exciting! The house doesn't need to be perfect ... he'll be happy just to be HOME.


LYN said...



Leene said...

What a great entry, I'm so glad that hubby has a time frame for coming home and it sounds like you guys are going to be busy!!! How much time will he get? I am also very happy to read that hubby is doing so well with his new company. Leene

Kendra said...

That is wonderful news!

I laugh at the way you write about your bedroom..its the same way here...or looks like a laundry mat exploded.

Gillie said...

Great news!!!! I am so happy for you!

I always get a lot more cleaning done when I have a deadline. Good luck with that!

Terri said...

Wonderful wonderful news!!!! :)

So excited for you...

Girl..I am the same way..I start cleaning out my closet last weekend..was on a roll..more than halfway finished...had all intentions of finishing it this you think I have so much as looked at it? I am terrible

I agree with worries Chad will just be glad to be home!!


Becky said...

great news....and BTW,,,,my kids stillknow on the door while I try to shower! LOL

a corgi said...

Christy, that's wonderful news about when Chad's R&R is coming up!! I think it is also good that you are going to be praising the Lord through the rest of his deployment!

I have to say THANK YOU LORD! because I've been praying that Chad will be safe (being in a different unit with less missions is definitely an answer to keeping him safe) and also that he would be surrounded by Godly men that he can "connect with", pray with, mentor each other, etc, it seems with that chaplain that that is also another answer to prayer, so THANK YOU LORD!! and I've also been praying that you would do the best you could to get through the rest of Chad's deployment; definitely another answered to prayer by you choosing to praise Jesus; SO THANK YOU LORD FOR YOUR ANSWERS TO PRAYERS!!