Thursday, January 15, 2009

Hi/Lo Thursday

I got this from Riggs (Abby) blog
What you do is write your high for the week and low for the week!

My high would be today. Jack had finished his school work, Emma was up from her nap, Jacob was still working on school. Jack came over and was being silly and said "put your dukes up" and it started an all out tickle war! I think for 45 minutes or MORE we tickled each other. Jacob finished up and joined it. There was just so much laughter, I had tears running down my face!

My low for the week would be that we've not talked to Chad in a few days. He's on a mission and not sure when he'll be back.

So join in and leave a comment on the Riggs blog if you do play along and please pray for Abby, whose fighting for her life against leukemia.


Leene said...

I love this. Tickle wars are alot of fun aren't they. I hope you get to talk with Chad soon, as always he's in my prayers.

Traci said...

My low this week was finding out they reverified Lou's work status and we won't be getting refinanced. Now what?! High was teaching my friend's child to knit.

Terri said...

Glad you had a blast laughing till you cried with your children :)

I hope ya'll hear from Chad soon..keeping him in my prayers ...along with the rest of ya...