Monday, January 05, 2009

Not Me Monday

So it's that time again, it's Monday.
I have not decided that I really should keep notes throughout the week, so that when it comes to Monday I can have really good things to share. No, I'm not vain like that and I most definitely am not blogging just for the entertainment of others (ok seriously I blog 95% for myself, 5% for others...but well this one, is all for others! LOL)
I did not have to pull little Miss 17 month old Emma off the TOP bunk bed of her brother's too many times to count, and get to the point that I was just telling her big brother to get her off when we'd hear the all too familiar laughter, because she once again scaled up the side of their bed.
I am not, and I mean AM NOT admitting that I'm a little impressed that little miss 17 month can get UP to the top bunk, since there's no actual LADDER, just the slats of the beds to climb. I have yet to catch her, so I'm not quite sure how she manages, but she does and again I'm not impressed at all that she's figured it all out. I know it's dangerous.
I have not locked Emma out of her brothers room, for the simple fact that I'm SICK and TIRED of getting her off the top bunk, because next to sticking her finger up her nose (just for a reaction) (ewwwwwwwww) it's become her favorite activity to do.
I did not actually yell at her when I got her down from the bed and put her down, for her to take off and me being distracted by talking to her brother, did not see her climb BACK up to the top bunk before I'd even gotten to the door way, and was just FLOORED that she'd climbed BACK UP to that stupid bed.
I can not WAIT for my husband to come home from Iraq for his R&R and put him to work, taking those bunk beds down. (I would take them down but they're HEAVY)
I am not stunned at how fast my home as become a complete WRECK in just 2 days. I have surely kept up on house work and have not been lazy.
I did NOT forget to call my friend yesterday to tell her Awana was cancelled because of the snow. She did not drive 30 minutes for absolutely NO REASON. I'm a better friend and a better Sparks Director than THAT! She did not buzz my apartment, and ask me if it was cancelled. I did NOT feel like a complete dog. I definitely did not admit that I'd been napping either!
Speaking of not napping, I did not nap for 2 hours yesterday, while my boys were outside playing in the snow. I did not have my neighbor who's son was out with them, check on them, so I could selfishly nap while Emma napped, because the day was just a day calling for a nap. No, not me!
I am NOT, repeat am NOT hooked to the Wii. I do NOT love Mario Kart. No, I can't. I'm anti video games. I do not feel all nastalgic thinking of the original nitendo and the original Mario Brothers an I definitely do not think that they should come out with Classic Mario brothers for us Mom's and Dad's to play on the Wii and have fun flashback's. No, I told you I'm anti video games obviously!
I did not wait until today to take down my tree and all the Christmas decorations because I was too lazy to do it until today. No I was right on top of that on New Years Day. I surely have NOT left the bag our tree is in, that's taking up 1/4 of my dining room, and the boxes our Christmas things are in in the dining room, because I'm too lazy to haul them down to the basement, which is 4 flights of stairs down. No, I'm right on top of that!
I did not yell at my boys tonight when they went to bed, and have their friend staying the night (he goes to German school and they don't return until Wed. ) when at 11:50 they were STILL giggling and not sleeping. I did not threaten them. No, no, no...I'm a gentle mother earth type don't you know? (Shut up Emily)
I did not tell my best friend to just shut up online, because she has surely NEVER heard me spank my kids over the phone or yell at them. :X I'd NEVER do that!
I did not get all giddy that Awana was cancelled yesterday, because I was not in the mood to deal with it quite yet. I did not yell out "YES" to our Awana Director and have him look at me like I had two heads. No, no....that would not be me!
I do not wish that I was a slacker church goer who does not volunteer for Children's church (among other things) and do not wish that other people would step it up and start helping out us that help with everything. I do not think they're selfish. I do not think that they abuse those of us who volunteer to teach THEIR children about Jesus. I do not think that if you send your child to children's church you should volunteer at least once in a blue moon in some capacity. I do not think that people are more lazy than afraid to step out of their box. I don't think people see children's church as a way to not have to deal with their children. I am NOT getting burnt out, no, why would I after 3 1/2 yrs of straight volunteering. I mean hey we just have over 100 kids each week and the same people over and over again teaching their children...why would I be tired and burnt out???
I am NOT feeling lonely. I did NOT cry in the bathroom tonight after looking at pictures of B and her new house in stupid Arizona. I did not just call Arizona stupid and I surely do not HATE that state right now. I do not feel like it's really setting in that she's NEVER coming back. I do not feel that I'll never have a friend like her again, and just feel overwhelmed in loneliness and wondering why God allowed her to leave, during the hardest deployment of my time as an Army wife. I am not a little peaved at God right now for that. No, I'm sensible. I KNOW God's teaching me something and I'm sitting here Grateful for that lesson. I'm absolutely not pouting. I do not have stinking tears streaming down my face again for the 2nd time tonight just thinking about her.
I am NOT missing my husband. I am not tired of hearing people complain about missing their own husband's because he leaves for a few days or a week. I do not think they're insensitive when they say it directly to me, and think I'm going to be empathetic and I just want to SCREAM at them to shut up. No, I'm all kinds of loving and caring. I have empathy pouring out of me.
I am not in the slightest annoyed that my mother has a facebook page now. I did not think "oh good grief" when she sent me an invite to be my friend and did not comtenplate how I could turn her down and wonder if I'd put anything negative on my page ever about her. :X NOOOO I'd never do that. I do not envy those who get along beautifully with their mother's. I am most definitely not thankful that the Atlantic Ocean seperates us, because we get along better that way. Nope, not me.
I have not spent a good portion of my evening laughing at my cat who's made a home out of the box that Emma's Christmas gift from my parents came in, today. I am not cracking up, beause I JUST now discovered that she was STUCK in the box and paper! LOL Oops! I did NOT take pictures of her before I rescued her out! LOL
I'm surely not done with this post and thinking how I now have to go and post Emily's little game next.


Linda said...

I seriously love not me mondays!! And I love it even more now that I get an update that it has been posted!! YEAH!! I really do love this post that you do on Mondays. Linda

He And Me + 3 said...

Ok, your list is great...the bunkbed one was just killing me. I am busting a gut over here. They do love to climb.

bp said...

These not me Monday's are great to read.

Amanda said...

WOW! That is some list. Half the time I am laughing (with you) and crying (for you) !!!

You are such a dear...I pray you are feeling good and getting lots of naps!

God bless-

Leene said...

I loved your list of not me's and laughed at the description of Emma and the bunk beds - she's such a daredevil. Leene By the way I'm not sure if you knew this but you can actually get the classic Nintendo games through the Wii - I got Mario Bros this weekend, its addicting.