Saturday, January 24, 2009

Tired of all the negatives in politics...then let me recommend you watching this video. It's an "open letter" from Jenna and Barbara Bush to the Obama girls. It's beautiful and just a warning you might want to have a tissue handy, or maybe I'm just over emotional.'s just a beautiful letter. I think it's a GREAT reminder that no matter what any of our politics are, these men (President Bush and President Obama) are both DADDY's to girls who did/will have to hear terrible and awful things about their dad (truths and lies).

I got this link from April .

I hope she doesn't mind that I totally swiped it.


CntryMomma said...

Ok. Yes. Totally made me cry. Thanks. LOL


Randy said...

Hello Miss Christy,

I saw that on a news show the other day and that goes to show you what kind of people the Bushes are and should be a wake up to the media that when they report and say the things they do who they are really hurting. Great Video!

God Bless


The Thompson's said...


Thanks so much for stopping in. We are such HUGE supporters are our armed forces. If it is ok with you we would like to follow along and hope very much that you will do the same. We have many military moms that follow our site and have shared their love.

I just have to post that video on the Fort. I will give you credit for it. Cant wait to learn more about you and your beautiful family.

God Bless.

Our Love and Prayers,


Laughing Momma said...

Swipe Away Girl!!!

Glad to get it out there as much as possible.

Dads are Dads, no matter their "Office"

AKA Laughing Momma