Saturday, January 17, 2009

We have a date!!! A bunch of other stuff!

The countdown has begun! I was able to chat with Chad and via special code he was able to tell me aprox. when he'll be home for R&R!!! I'm so excited I could burst! I can tell you it's not this month! I can also tell you he "should" be home for my birthday (maybe before!!). Oh my goodness I'm about to jump out of my skin! He's just as excited! He definitely needs and DESERVES this break! We're going to Salzburg, Austria for a couple of days, possibly up by Berlin for a day or two, but other wise we're going to be home just enjoying Chad, relaxing, and getting things done here that we want to get done! We'll be cleaning and organizing ALL rooms! I want to declutter! I'm also hoping we can get our storage room organized! Lofty goals here, but my biggest goal is the apartment to be done and if the storage room gets done too, that much better! Goodness if we could just get some progress on the storage room that would be good! I'm hopeful though. No matter what husband should be home soon for us to just enjoy him!

While he's home Emma will be dedicated at church. She was to be dedicated before he ever left, but well it didn't happen. It's still a sore spot and I'm trying to just let it go. But one of our dear chaplains here, who's wife so many of you prayed for last year, Heather who went into the coma and was truly knocking on Heaven's door, but God had other plans...her husband Scott will be dedicating her! I'm thrilled as he loves Emma and our family and we love them.

Speaking of Miss Emma. she's got a good old fashioned yucky cold. All nice and congested and coughing, her nose goes between runny and stopped up. She's in for the most part a decent mood, it didn't help that she did not get a nap today. She's in my arms nursing right now and stopping to talk to me, well she's done nursing and laying on my shoulder. I think we'll be staying home from church tomorrow since she's not feeling good, and she's been running a low grade fever this tonight. Just better to not expose other kids to her cold and if it's a little something more (fever makes me think possibly) then those kids will not be exposed, although today we were out and about all day long!

Let me tell you about our day! The morning was spent here at home. But at 2 I went to a Candle Party, have any of you heard of Gold Canyon candles? Oh if not, do a search for them (I recommend using and you can put in your favorite charity and for every search so much money is donated to them!) anyways...went there and spent more money than I really thought I would! They're cheaper and burn longer than Yankee, Colonial, or any other out on the market! Oh my and the smells! WOW, WOW,WOW!!!! Seriously loving them! I can not WAIT for my order to get here!! I'm going to have a party probably in March, after Chad's went back to Iraq and we've adjusted. Plus that'll be plenty of time inbetween my friend who hosted today's party and my party! :) Then after that, I ran to the commissary to grab a few things, and off to another friends house for a Tupperware party! I just got two things there, spent about $40.00 not too bad, I should say I actually ordered 6 items, it's just that it's 2 seperate things! They're both bowl sets! I threw out all my other rubber made containers, although I still need to go through the lids and get rid of them now! I probably could go through the bowls again, I think once my TW is in I'll do that to make room for them!

I have to tell you something about myself that some may know (Emily does! LOL) and some may not (haven't you been reading me???) I am NOT a Type A personality. I want to be to a degree, but I'm not! I'm not organized, I'm very scattered. I do not have a lot of order to things. I know, I know! I think we need all sorts of people to make this world interesting, I'm just not a Type A, but....I have a desire to be a little MORE type A than I am. I want to be able to leave my bedroom door open, so that who ever stops by I am not rushing to close it. I want to be able to tell people to drop by anytime and truly mean it!!! (Seriously if they did, I'd totally freak out and they would too!!) I just need less mess and disfunction of my home and more organization and control. I need to have things simplified! BUT and this is HUGE...I can NOT do it by myself. I get soooo overwhelmed. The thought of it, puts me on edge and I feel, seriously, a panic attack coming on if it's left to me to do it all. I'm truly just overwhelmed at it and panic. I do NOT say that lightly either. I have suffered greatly to the point that I had to have medication to get them under control, panic attacks. So when I say I feel them coming on when I start on these sort of projects, I'm serious. Chad has the AMAZING ability to just jump and start tackling and then once he's made progress, I join in. He's a gift from GOD and I do NOT say that lightly either. God knew the type of husband I needed and he blessed me so beyond measure with that precious man! Now I know what you're thinking "he's coming home for R&R FROM Iraq and you're going to put him to work"...yes, but I'll make it worth his time! LOL I am also going to book him a massage, and we're having a couple of date nights just the two of us while he's home!

Speaking of date nights while he's home!! (I know I'm all over the place tonight! LOL) A friend told me she's taking my children and Chad and I will be heading to a resturant that's about an hour away I believe! It's called Steak and Stone in Pottenstein (for anyone here in Germany!) I'm excited, so far everyone who's been there has RAVED about it to me! So there's one date! Then another night Chad and I are going to go to a movie! I think we're going to go see Australia! Has anyone seen it? Is it a good one to see? I'm also ordering/buying Fireproof, so we can watch that together too while he's home!

Well I guess that's it. I'm so excited he's going to be home in just a few short weeks! That I can start crossing the days off of the calender! I have a little chalk board type thing that says "Daddy Comes Home in ________ Days" well I'll be writing on that!!!! It's a little hard because he can get delayed when he gets to Kuwait, but I'm still going to use it and just explain to the boys that it's only an estimate! I think I'll over estimate anyways, because I don't plan on telling them the exact day he's coming in! I think I may tell them we're going to Tucherland's, since it's right by Nuremburg Airport and make that vital turn!!! So I don't lie, I'm going to talk to Chad about going to Tucherland's after picking him up, although if he comes in, in the morning that won't work so well since they don't open until 2 in the afternoon during the week, although he may be coming home on the we'll just play it by ear! Either way, I'm so excited!

I have Emma back to sleep and am going to TRY to go to sleep myself, just honestly not sure if that's going to be possible. I'm jumping out of my skin here!

God Bless


Kendra said...

I'm so happy to hear that Christy! Good luck with all the decluttering. I hate doing that.

He And Me + 3 said...

How exciting for you. I know you are thrilled...that he will be home so soon. I will have to check out those candles...I love candles. In the winter, I burn them everyday. YUM.

bp said...

What wonderful news to post! I'm so happy for you! The date night sounds fun, I haven't seen Australia.

Linda said...

I am so excited to hear that Chad is going to be getting his R&R. Your date nights sound wonderful. Sorry that Emma is not feeling well, I hope she is feeling better soon. Linda

Leene said...

I am so happy for you guys, I know how exciting it is when Dad comes home. It sounds like you've got a busy couple of days planned and I hope you get everything organized. The dates sound like fun - I will say that I've heard 'Australia' isn't such a great movie. I think even Nicole Kidman said she didn't care for it and she starred in it. Either way its time you two will have together so I doubt it matters what you do as long as you're together. Take care. Leene

Slacker Mom said...

I understand that overwhelmed feeling. Yesterday, I finally threw away stuff that belonged to Mom...and under the sink looks so much CLEANER! Little jobs, here and there.

I'm EXCITED for you and Chad. That's just wonderful news!

CntryMomma said...

I've tagged ya, girlie!


Terri said...

Sooooo very excited for you :)

I hope Emma feels better soon


Randy said...

Hello Miss Christy,

Thank You! for stopping in at my journal and for your kind comment. My oldest son has just joined the army and is going through boot camp at Fort Benning. Sounds like you have a wonderful family.

God Bless


Traci said...

yea that you have a date! I know it has been so hard. I'm more of a type z person lately! I could sure use a shot of type A that's for sure.