Thursday, January 22, 2009

Thursday Night

I'm happy to hear that so many of you followed the link in last nights post! Wasn't it an awesome read? One of my sweet newer readers thought I might think bad of her because she teases her hubby on her way! (We already emailed!) I am Sassy as the day is long. I'm sarcastic, and my husband is often on the otherside of my sarcasm and sassiness! :X If we can't tease and play with our men, we're falling down ladies!! :) I love to read good natured bantering between husband and wife. I even like reading a wife blowing off steam because she's helps me to know I'm not alone. What I dislike is the out and out trashing of our husband's, men in general, and little boys. When it goes from playful to simply mean...there's a line and it's a wide one let me tell you imo! When you cross it, you better start backing up fast is my thoughts! God has a way of humbling our butts all over the place if we don't back up, it's often a little softer if we get it before God has to show us our wrong doings! IME!!

So it's been a long day. I didn't sleep well (as you read in the previous comment), I was exhausted all day and really have never felt a 2nd wind, goodness never got a first. Please will you simply pray for me? No suggestions on meds, natural supplements...just PRAY. I BELIEVE GOD is bigger than Insomnia. I believe he's bigger than insomnia that has lasted for 8 1/2 yrs. I believe he will heal me of this burden. Please will you pray with me? That's all I'm asking.

Pray for Emily tonight too, right now she's preparing to head to church because here in a bit she's going to be leading a new bible study....Beth Moore's Ester (hmm that doesn't like right, is it Esther, that looks right yet something's telling me it's not, well you get the point! LOL). So be in prayer that she's able to share from this study just what the Lord wants her to share, that the ladies that are taking this class are able to grow closer and have a deeper relationship with the Lord, and of course that Emily is too! She's stepping out on faith and God will see her through this study and every woman taking it! I pray that those who do not know the Lord who are walking into this class for the first time, come to know him, love him, and devote their life to him! Those who do know the Lord they'll grow closer to him in ways they never even imagined. That they'll be better women, mothers, wives, friends, daughters, sisters, etc because of this.

I also want to address something else that's just been eating at me. The night of the inaguration I wrote my thoughts and feelings. One commenter mentioned Fear. I want to state it here publically my feelings towards Obama are not about FEAR. I know that GOD is in control. I write what I feel and believe and honestly one of my biggest pet peaves is when someone twists my words for their own agenda. Please, if I had fear I would have written the word, it's not about fear. It's absolutely not about the fact that he's's about the man's politics.The fact that he's fine with the murdering of innocent unborn babies, and babies born alive but left to die. The fact that he's into bigger government, stealing from the rich to give to the poor. Oh my the list could just go on and on and no. It's about the fact that he was a MEMBER of a church for TWENTY YEARS that preached: HATE, RACISM, ANTI-AMERICAN rederic. It's about the fact that he sat in that church for all those years and listened to all of that, and not until it was made public just what ugliness was spewing from there, that he up and decided to dump the church and the man he'd claimed to be friends with. It's about the fact that I do not believe he's trustworthy in any way. That makes me SAD. Sad for him as a man, for our country, for our military. Because if he is truly the man I feel he is, the path ahead will be darker than we've ever known as a country. That each and every one of us will suffer in great ways. I also believe that GOD allows us to get what we deserve and honestly our nation does not deserve mercy. We're turning into a country that worships the dollar vs our Lord. A country that cares about celebrities and what's politically correct vs what is biblical truth. We do not deserve his mercy and we may not get it. IF we do, it's because the Lord is giving us GRACE. We don't deserve Grace, but he gives it to us time and time again. I have no idea if he'll give it to us now or in the near future. I think our nation needs a serious rehaul of it's morals and values. Because from a worldy view....our nation has NONE (no morals and no values). So we will see what is ahead for us. We will all have to wait and see. So far Obama has done nothing. Nothing to be praised for that's for sure. He may very likely prove me wrong and let me tell you something, I'd LOVE to be proven wrong. I would love for him to put our Lord first and our nation's well being 2nd and his own personal agenda last. None of us know though what he's going to do, so we just have to wait and see. The media is having a love affair with him so I think we all need to make sure we're seeking other sources than ABC,CBS, NBC, or CNN for our news, and beware of a great MANY newspapers, and news magazines.
I am praying. I am praying for our Nation. I am praying for President Obama. I am praying for his family. I am praying for his Cabinet, and I'm praying for all those in Government who are representing us as Americans. I URGE and PLEAD with each of you, that you will be praying for these same things...whether you're a supporter or not of President Obama's, he needs our prayers.

Ok, well it's 12:44...I'm 44 minutes past when I wanted to at least be IN my bed. I'm going to be praying for sleep, and hope to feel myself just surrounded by the Holy Spirit and he'll send me off to peaceful sleep!

God Bless each of you


ReadyAim said...

Ugh, I hate insomnia.

Praying you had a good night's sleep........

CntryMomma said...

*clapping VERY LOUDLY*

So glad I don't have to give up pickin' on The Hubby. It's just to much fun. hehe


Heli gunner Tom said...

I love your mature wisdom and logic that is often absent from many 'modern day ladies'.. lol. I prob has to do with your Christian mind set. And yes, PRAYER is a powerful tool to help your health, and sleepless night-- and it has helped me too! But you might want to consider that you may have a blocked air way or Sleep Apnea, like many other including my wife and I. We use a CPAP machine and Oxygen when we go to sleep and even naps. Sleep Apnea can easily kill you. Email me for sleeping herbs if you want.

Old Soldier Tom--Disabled Vietnam Vet: 68-70

Amy said...

Hey Girl!
Thanks for the award! You are just too kind. I need to pass it along here when I have a few!
All we can do is pray and remember that God is in control.
Have a good weekend

Amanda said...

I will pray for you. Can I just tell you about this one supplement... kidding. Just kidding!!

I hear ya on the Obama stuff...I am still struggling with prayer!!! I just can't stand that at 12:01 the DAY of his inauguration the White House official website changed from pro-life to pro-abortion and he immediately is starting to change laws to make rights for gays easier. Not to mention Gitmo... ugh! He's closing it in a year...

The best question I have heard yet... are we a safer country now that he's in office? The answer is no!

Anyway. Keep on being you and voicing your opinions...thats what a blog is for!

Many blessings-

Cascia said...

Well said about our President! Our voices need to be heard. I agree with you completely and not only does Obama need prayers but our country does too. I hope you blog more on this topic. Thank you for visiting Take Two and leaving your comments.