Thursday, January 15, 2009

Mother of the Year

Mother of the Year Award
Ahh thank you!
So our sweet Mrs. B gave me this award! Wasn't that nice?!! I don't know about "ME" being the Mother of the Year, actually I think my children would crack up and then RUN hiding! LOL But you know what, I'm taking it and loving it anyways! I think we mom's beat up on ourselves and each other far too often and too easily! So it's nice to be lifted up and to lift another Momma up!
My problem is I know too many really AWESOME Momma's, so please, please, please forgive me if I leave you off. It's not because I don't think you don't deserve it, it's more than likely my brain just stopped working for the time being!
First off is Emily, come on you all knew that was coming! She's my dearest friend who I love and adore. I've seen her in action and she's great with her girls. She's went to the depths of the earth for them, is teaching them up in Christ, and she's following GOD's calling for her by homeschooling (which I SOOO knew she'd do, even when she didn't! ROFL!! It's FUN to be right!) and she's going against what so many in our society see as "normal" and gasp she's not "letting" her daughter GO to public school! Oh the tragedy! LOL (seriously I know it's not for every family, but for those of us that have been called to do this, we don't NEED to be questioned on it we do that enough ourselves!).
Ok next is Lori. Oh my sweet country music lovin', wishes she was from the South, is tired of the cold and snow, lovin' her girls and man (even when he gets on her nerves), Lori. If you don't read her my question is WHY? Seriously she's a great Momma who loves her girls fiercely! Amanda! She has 2 of the cutest little boys and God just blessed he with a beautiful daughter! She's a God-fearing, bible believing, freezing in Mn momma who I just love and adore! She's also developing a keen photographers eye and shares it with beautiful photo's of her babies!
Rebekah is a Real life friend. She and I met when we moved to Ft. Belvoir, actually we were still living in the Ronald McDonald House (RMH). Jordyn was being treated at Walter Reed. Her husband and Chad were in the same unit and her and I hit it off immediately! I loved her and I'm pretty sure she felt the same and she LOVED Jordyn. She was one of the people who was called when she died, that day is pretty much a blur in many ways, but I'm pretty sure she was at our home at some point during that day (correct me if I'm wrong Rebekah). Anyways...she's a WONDERFUL momma. She's seperated from her husband right now and it's hard for her as she loves him, but she's doing her best to provide in the best way for her 2 son's, as she looks at rebuilding her life, while trying to figure everything out with her marriage. So one please visit her and pray for her!
Kelly, ok so she's a Mom of teenagers..seriously what else do I need to say? No she's wonderful, I love her, she makes me laugh so much, and she's just this great, honest, keeping it real woman.
Janis...she's up freezing with Amanda (they've met actually!) and she has 2 absolutely cute and adorable little girls. She's such a beautiful light to the blogging community! She loves the Lord and loves her husband and girls, and it just shines right off the screen!
Emily the Creative is a momma who's got 3 cute, cute, cute kids. She's all about her kids and that hubby of hers! She's also venturing back to college and is juggling it all with such grace, and a possible pending move away from family and dealing with family guilt, etc...yet does it with grace and understanding.
Amy is a military momma who's husband is also deployed, she's juggling a housefull with one being a new baby! Go show her some love and support!
Linda is a real life friend too! We met here in Germany. She was only here for a little over a year and they had to PCS (move) back to the states. Her hubby's a band commander. They just moved from my homestate of Kansas down to the South. They're venturing into the world of first time homeowners, new schools, etc...Linda's a great Mom and a wonderful photographer, and just wonderful friend! I also got to see her this summer, she drove to my parents!
Ok so I'll stop there. If I missed you, I'm sorry! There are sooo many of you and this is already really long! If I didn't get you it's not because I don't think you're not deserving, I have no doubt you are...just lift the award or wait a couple days and see if someoone gives it to you! ;)
Alrighty then, I'm off! Oh my goodness it's AFTER 1 AM, how in the world did that happen? Seriously at 10 pm I was yawning and seriously thinking of heading to bed. Grrrrrrrrrr


Janis said...

Thanks so much for the reward! :) I love it and feel honored that you thought of me. I don't feel as if I deserve it but I sure try to "deserve" it everyday!

Thanks for helping me be a mama! :)

God Bless!


He And Me + 3 said...

Congrats! THat is awesome.

CntryMomma said...

I thank you! even though I am still totally cracking up at the thought of being Mother Of The Year. Day ... maybe .... sometimes .... lol


Bekah said...

Christy, thank you. I wasn't there that day, but only because i was told i couldn't go. But i got the news very early. I was blessed to be able to spend the weekend with you, between my procedure and just going to church and spending the day. I'll never ever forget it. As soon as i get my pics back here, i'll make copies of all the ones i have of Sean and Jordyn. I love you so much. You are a true friend.

Bekah said...

Hey, i did several posts tonight. (Busy busy) Check 'em out. and thank you!

Amanda said...

Well, after reading all about these amazing women, and I am even MORe honored to be included in the bunch. I need to soak up everything they know! :)

Thank you for saying such sweet things... you are truly a gift!

Many blessings-

Terri said...

Congrats to all you wonderful mothers :)


LawRuh said...

That would be so awesome! My email addy is

We PCS in April. I know... so soon! We'll be going to Nurnburg today to pick up our Spike. He got sick, so had to be admitted at the emergency vet. So we'll be going there and coming back. We miss him so much! lol

Brian and Jen said...

how do i put the follow me thing on my blog??

Beth in NC said...

Congratulations on the award! :o)