Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A little more info

Ok so for more info on Emily's baby girl who's going to be here in 12 weeks (wow I can't believe it!!! You'd think I was the one pregnant as excited as I am! She's my best friend, I get to be this excited!!), anyways go on over and Emily's done a little update! This is all that good little info that was simply HERS to share! :)

Oh I can't wait to meet her! BTW I'm feeling a little envious that she's getting another child that is going to have a headfull of hair! I mean what is up with that? Out of my 4, I've had ONE...ONE. It's just not right! LOL Abigail Joy will be a beauty and loved so much more than she'll probably even WANT to be loved! LOL I see another "Emma Grace" coming into their family and I laugh a little rotten laugh, knowing she's going to be sweet, loved, and as she gets older...rotten, rotten, rotten! She will soooo put Miss Matilyn to Shame (you just wait Emily, I KNOW she will! Bawahaaaaa!)

Abigail's one more miracle of our Lord's, as every child is. She's another answer to prayers. God is so merciful and I'm praising him. I would have praised him no matter....but there are only HAPPY tears coming down my face tonight as we now take a deep breath and let it OUT!


He And Me + 3 said...

THat is awesome and exciting!

Randy said...

Hello Miss Christy,

Really Great entry.

God Bless


Amanda said...

praise God!

Traci said...

Yeah for more baby girls!