Sunday, January 18, 2009

16 Things You Don't Know About Me

Ok so Lori tagged me today and I told her I'd do it TODAY and well it's actually officially "tomorrow" here in Germany! :X I will admit I'm tired, so depending on how long this takes me, I may have to finish it tomorrow and if that's the case you won't see it until Monday sometime!

So what am is this one it's :

Sixteen Things you May Not Know About Me:

Ultimately I was asked/told (it's Lori, she can be bossy! LOL) to list 16 things that you may not know about me. I unlike Lori do not have the LUXURY of just asking my husband to help me out either! (Feeling just a tad guilty Lori??? huh-huh? LOL) No, well fine then! Ok so here I go!

1. In high school I dated a guy who wanted to join the Marine's (he never did, ended up as I believe a Reservist in the Army) anyways, he was 2 grades behind me (hey it was the "in" thing to do my Senior a younger guy...don't ask me why! But tons of us seemed to be! LOL) Anyways, we sat in the parking lot of the Grocery store we worked in, and I was just months away from graduation and moving off to Manhattan to attend Kansas State, and I told him "You need to be prepared for us to break up this summer, because I have no intention of being with someone who's going to be in the military and having them move me all over this world. Plus I will probably want to date other guys". ROFL...well God showed me didn't he! LOL I LOVE the Army wife life, most of the time, and am so thankful that God knew better than my 18 yr old conceited self!

2. As I just wrote above, I used to be VERY, VERY,VERY Conceited. I was in shape, thin, and was told fairly often by guys and my friends (girls) that I was pretty...and I believed it without question. Forget about if my heart was right with Jesus....I was VAIN.

3. When I met Chad, I told him he didn't have a chance in you know where! That I was dating another guy and was VERY happy with him. Chad's response...."I don't mind if he doesn't" ROFL!! I was FLABBERGASTED at the time, but I'll give him credit, he knew what he wanted! LOL

4. Chad and I became friends after I broke up with mentioned boyfriend and he actually became my best friend and I told him EVERYTHING. He told me EVERYTHING. The whole time he liked me, and I dated the guy that lived across the hall from him during this friendship. (Chad's the one who told me the other guy who's name was ALSO Chad...was cheating on me), a week or so later, I asked him if he still had feelings for me, he said yes and asked if I wanted to go to dinner and I said YES! :) The rest is history baby!

5. Chad and I started dating in November, he asked me to marry him in December, we were married in March and I was pg with Jordyn in July! It was fast, and it was the BEST decision I have ever made, next to accepting Christ as my Savior!

6. I was 24 when I asked Christ to be my Savior. Now that my friends was the absolute BEST thing I've ever done!

7. When I was 9 yrs old I stood at the kitchen sink, furious that I was being forced to do dishes while my brother got to play outside, and I stood there and proclaimed that when I was 16 I'd still remember that day...well I'm almost 32 and still remember it, but can laugh about it now! ROFL

8. During Christmas break one year I can't remember if I was in 8th grade or a Freshman, we took our old Datson pick up that my dad used for picking up hay and other farm things (it'd been my Grandma's truck) brother and I got the GENIUS idea to take it out. We drove it down the road, turned into one of our neighbor's drive to their field, well it's at a 90 degree turn and as I was backing it up, got the truck STUCK. That said neighbor drove by, pulled us out, and we went along and parked the truck back, moved the snow so you couldn't tell we'd pulled the truck out (we thought of all the details) and when our Dad got home asked us how our joy ride was...he saw the neighbor at WalMart, which Dad had stopped at to talk to my Mom (who worked there) on his way home...we were soo busted!

9. Bon Jovi-Skid Row was the first concert I ever attended. Jon Bon Jovi's sweat dripped all over me and my friend that I went to (we were 12 or 13) and we NEVER wanted to shower again, because we disgustingly wanted his sweat to forever stay on us. (My mom made me take a shower that evening and I bawled! ) ahh the drama of preteen/early teen!

10. I had my first kiss the summer between 1st and 2nd grade. I know! We'd went to Wyoming to see my Dad's oldest sister and her family and then up farther into Wyoming to see family friends. The family's friends grandson, Rowdy kissed me at the park (french too and I remember gagging). My brother and I had a sleep over at his house and he kept trying to kiss me all night long and I finally went and slept with his Mom! LOL I didn't kiss again until I was in the 8th grade, should have waited longer than that even!

11. My first true puppy love that developed to love I met during the summer when I was in 5th grade I think. He spent every summer with his grandparents and we'd "go together" and spend Monday-Friday together at the pool all through jr high, in high school we dated 2 summers and part of a school year. We broke up for the last time my Freshman year of college. My first love and first true heart break was JW.

12. Unlike the freak that is Lori (rofl) I shave as seldom as possible! My hair leg grows VERY, very slowly. Seriously I don't even NEED to shave by every few weeks, it's normally a good 2 weeks before you can even feel any stubble! It's a gift and I appreciate it!

13. When I was little, I used to be a clean fanactic about my bedroom! ROFL To anyone who knows me now, this would be shocking (most of all to my poor husband!)

14. When I was 16 I dated a guy who was 22. My parents knew, but did not approve so I snuck around and dated him. He was actually one of the nicests guys I ever dated and a gentleman! BUT I will NEVER allow Emma to date anyone that much older!

15. I can sing. I was in select choirs in high school. I have sang solo's at church, at bible study, and various other places. I'm very thankful for the gift the Lord gave me (he Did NOT bless my husband in this way). I can NOT draw though (my husband IS blessed in that department!)

16. I am struggling to pray for our President Elect, even though God has convicted me, and even though I know I must, especially since I believe that as a Christian it's my duty, but I get aggrevated that most probably never even considered praying for President Bush, but had no problem bashing him. I am going to pray and respect the position of President Elect Obama, even while disagreeing with him and believe he's not the man that should be in that seat, I will NOT complain about him over and over for the next 4 yrs.


He And Me + 3 said...

Very interesting 16 things. You did good and you made it through. I had my first kiss around the same time. Too funny!

-stephanie- said...

I'm with you on #16. It's gotta be done. Now more than ever.

Daphine said...

I enjoyed reading your 16 things. I should do this too!

I too am struggling with #16, but I am trying to be obedient in this area and start praying for him and his family!

Amanda said...

Well I certainly learned a lot! You are even more precious to me now! he he

Many blessings-

Terri said...

Enjoyed this post :)