Monday, January 12, 2009

Not Me Monday

It's Not Me Monday time, if you're not sure what it's all about click on the graphic above and go visit MckMama and find out! Ultimately I'll give you the write all those things that you surely did NOT do and would obviously never ever ever blog about! I mean really, we're all full of class here! :) So come on and join us and tell us all about what you obviously did not do this past week!

I did not plan on writing down various things to blog about for this post last Monday, and then totally FORGET to write a single thing down, I have a brilliant mind that never forgets anything.

Emma most definitely is NOT sticking that doll pacifier up her nose and she did NOT think it was the funniest thing ever and keep doing it over and over again and totally pose for me 100 times to take pictures of her sticking it up her nose (don't worry it's not long, very short piece lol).
And I would NEVER blog AND post a picture of her doing that, I mean that's gross and one day she'll be mortified that I put this out there!

I did not laugh at Jackson tripping over the Christmas tree, which is in it's storage bag, which has been laying here since LAST Monday (you know I already took that down to the basement, I'm not some lazy bum who's just letting it lay in the middle of my dining room!). I mean I am not so mean that I'd laugh at my kidding falling, no that would not be me!

I did NOT just get off the phone with my Brazilian sister Michele who's visiting my parents. I am not envious of my parents and sort of peaved that THEY get to have 2 1/2 days with her and I get none. I am most definitely not feeling a little crushed that she was in London in MAY (of last year) for 9 days and had she known I lived in Germany she would have came to see me. I most definitely did NOT give her a guilt trip about being so bad with email, and did not actually say "well if you checked your email you'd have known I was living in Germany" I wouldn't say that to someone I love and who I have not seen in 9 1/2 yrs!!! LOL I love her and just miss her! (BTW she was an exchange student with our family my Senior year and we became immediately like sisters)

I am not trying to teach Emma how to say please when she wants to nurse and did NOT absolute refuse to nurse her until she said please (or signed please). I did not keep giggling at her when she would look at me all desperate and still refuse to say please and would instead very head strongly say "NO". LOL (She DID finally sign please with MY help! LOL)

I did not veg out on the couch this morning and watch Snow White with my kids. I did not love watching it with them and I did not crack up as Emma tried to sign "Hi-Ho" LOL It was not cute watching her dance around! I don't like that.

Jackson did NOT slip on the ice, 2 seconds after I told him not to run because of the ice. I did not get annoyed with him and laugh all at the same time. I tell you, I'm a compassionate mother!

I did NOT sit in my bathtub the other night and sob while reading a book, that was about a soldier and his girlfriend and her parents and did not keep thinking about Chad have to silently admit my fears of him being in Iraq, I did not sob as it described the soldiers mother being told that her son was killed in Iraq, I definitely did not think of Jordyn and how awful it felt to say goodbye to her one last time before they put her into the ground. I did not have to remind myself that she is NOT in the ground, but in Heaven with our Lord.

I definitely did not think of my living children and God surely did not convict me that I need to be a softer place for them. I most definitely am not one that errs on the harder, more sterner side of things. Nope not I.

I did not take this picture and find it far too funny at their different reactions and did not keep it, even though it's kind of blurry because it makes me laugh!

I did not let Jacob wrestle with Emma and gently toss her down on the loveseat and listen to her crack up. No, safety first people. I don't let me kids rough house! Someone could break a leg, or! My little girl is very girly and she does not like to be tossed around!
Emma was NOT playing DarthVater and was not breathing loudly like she's heard her brothers do. She did not also DANCE and get down. She absolutely did NOT sing VERY loudly because she obviously liked the sound of her voice inside the helmet. No! I did NOT take a picture because I think she's the cutest thing around!


Alphabet Family said...

What a great Not ME! I love the breast feeding one, I will NOT have to try that with mine!

Amanda said...

You have such a gift at making me laugh and cry at the same time! Oh how I pray for you and your precious heart... you are so hard on yourself, but have such love for your little ones... YOU ARE A GREAT MOMMY! AND WIFE!!

Many blessings-

He And Me + 3 said...

Your kids are just adorable. I enjoyed all your pictures. I am the tougher one too. so I hear ya.

CntryMomma said...


May the force be with Miss Emma

Missie said...

I love the Not Me Monday entries!

Have a good week.

LIZ said...

I love this!!! I am gonna have to try it!!! The kids are totally cute!!!

Take care, Liz

-stephanie- said...

I'm a tough mom too and have to remind myself to lighten up sometimes.
My husband and I sure appreciate what your husband (and you) are sacrificing for our safety. Thank you.

Gillie said...

I am still giggling to myself about the breastfeeding and the Darth Vader thing is beyond precious!!