Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I debated all this evening whether I'd blog about today or not. My heart is so heavy. As a new man takes over the job as the leader of our country, I am deeply concerned with his values, goals, and policies. I pray he surprises me. I know without a doubt that GOD is GOD. That GOD is in absolute control and that I'm required to respect President Obama's new position as our President. I don't know what tomorrow holds, but GOD does and I have faith in HIM and him ALONE.

I do want to say that I'm praying for Obama and his family. I'm praying for our Senate and Congress. I'm praying for the American people that they'll stop having such faith in MAN, and start having it in our Lord, Jesus. Can you imagine what type of ACTUAL change our nation could have if we had as many people so Passionate about CHRIST as they seem to be about Obama? Now that gives me chills, in a good way.

With this though, I want to say Thank you. Thank you to President Bush. Thank you for being a prayerful man. For being a man who seeks our Lord daily. Who took on such great burdens when he took over the Presidency (which many seem to have forgotten), who stood up against terror, who never backed down even when his opponents tried to bully him into it. Who always stood up to the critism. I pray that the Lord will forgive so many who were so absolutely unforgiving to a man who was simply doing the best he knew how, in tremendously difficult times. I say Thank you to Mrs. Bush. Who had to stand in the background as people brow-beat her husband and degraded him. Can any of you imagine how awful that would be to hear such nasty comments being made about YOUR spouse and yet have to stand above it all and keep your mouth shut?
As an Army wife who's husband has been deployed 3 times to Iraq under President Bush, I say THANK YOU. Thank you for being the Commander and Chiefs our troops have needed. Thank you for standing up to the terrorists of this world and saying "ABSOLUTELY NOT". Thank you for defending our nation. I am proud to say that You were our President.
I'm off to bed, believing though that God is ultimately the only one in control and he will be the one I praise. I'm praising him most definitely in this storm.


bp said...

Such a wonderful post Christy! Thank you for posting it.

Donna said...

All through the Bible we read the words "fear not".

What can separate us from the love of Christ?

God can use the most unlikely people (and things) to bring about His will. He even used Balaam's donkey to give a message.

Actually, although I didn't vote for this man, I had a great sense of pride that white America no longer uses color to judge someone.

Stand back, and let God surprise you!

Sonya said...

I appreciate your post. I hate that President Bush has been given such a hard time. I too am praying for all.

Beth in NC said...

I agree Christy! I posted something similar to this myself.

God bless!

CntryMomma said...

You said it MUCH better than I did and made me cry for the UPTEETH time today. LOL


Barbara said...

Praying God's will be accomplished in all things. He, we can trust!

Leslie said...

Great entry!! Thank you president Bush!!!!!!!!

Missie said...

AMEN! Too many people are looking up to Obamba like he's God! It's so scary. He's only a man. I'll be writing my views on this later today too.

Enjoy your day.

Kendra said...

We know GOD knows what he is doing. I feel he made Obama our leader for a reason. Hopefully that reason leads us upward.

Great post Christy and have a blessed day.