Thursday, January 29, 2009

Hi/Lo Thursday

Hi guys it's Thursday and on Thursday's I join in with the Riggs' family (Abby...soo over my sidebar...scroll down to "Praying for Abby" See her!). So join in!

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My!I have two! My first one is about my Emily and her sweet Abigail! Abigail is healthy and already a little sassy in the womb. I mean when your 28 week old is sticking her tongue out at her Daddy because he makes a suggestion of her having a "turtle" between her legs, well sas away baby girl! (This one is my over all week HIGH!)

My 2nd one is for today!
I was able to get together with my sweet and wonderful and precious friend Heather. You remember praying for Heather last year? If you don't, let me tell you about this amazing woman! She almost died last year. The day after her husband had left for deployment, she got extremely sick, went into a coma and was literally knocking on Heaven's door for the first few days. They were able to bring her husband back immediately. If you know ANYTHING about the Army you will understand that, that was Miracle #1! It was very frightening. Heather remained in a drug induced coma for quite some time. She had a horrible infection in her lungs and her diabetes was out of control. It was truly a very frightening time for our whole community, and yet God was amazing and showed us that he does indeed still perform miracles! In April, Heather was brought out of her coma and remained awake from then on out. It was truly quite a journey. I believe it was June (I'd have to go back and look) when she came home, although it could have been May. I'm trying to remember if Chad was home still or if he'd deployed and I just can not remember! Either way, she lived!
Well today her and I and 2 other ladies got together to begin praying for our new PWOC (Protestant Women of the Chapel aka Women's bible study and ministry through the military) Executive Board. We spent over 2 hours praying, sharing, learning, and laughing our tails off! If you don't have wonderful Christian friends, let me tell're missing out! We ended up spending about half our day together! So my HIGH was spending a great day with a wonderful friend who I feel so blessed to have in my life!

My Low: That Emma's still not feeling 100%. She seems to go back and forth. I hate her being sick, and the feeling of being so helpless. I know it's not as drastic as cancer...been there, done that and have NO desire to ever know what that feels like again. But when your baby is not feeling good, it stinks plain and simple. I'm praying she feels better tomorrow and no more ickiness for her. She has to get better, her Daddy is coming in just a few days! :) Wahoo!!

Ok so go on over to the Riggs blog, pray for sweet Abby and join in on the Hi/Lo and don't forget to leave your link once you've played on Mr. Linky on their blog!


He And Me + 3 said...

Those were both wonderful hi's...Sorry that baby girl is still not 100%...praying she will feel back to normal soon.

The Thompson's said...

We are praying now, thanks for sharing.

Love and Prayers,


Shannon said...

Christy, Just wanted to stop in and let you know you are a part of my days. I have great friends who live the life of the military and deployments and I've always said it taked special people to do what you do. I am SO HAPPY you get your hubby back for a little bit. I'm already praying for a fantastic time. Praying for Emma to feel better to right now. It's so not fun to watch them be sick...big or small :) love you girl and thanks for letting me 'visit' when ever I want ;)

ReadyAim said...

I remember when Heather was so sick. Praising God for healing her and praying that little Miss Emma feels better soon!

Gillie said...

I remember you writing about Heather last year! What an amazing story! Praise God!