Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Amanda'sL Toot Your Own Horn Jubilee

“I’ve been challenged to participate in a blog jubilee. Against my better judgment, I have been told to brag about something good, positive, uplifting, or kind that I did this past week. It’s not easy to boast about my thoughtfulness, but in return I will be allowed to build up and encourage other women! Feel free to visit Amanda at to join in the jubilee!”

So for the 2nd week in a row I'm participating.

Today at the end of PWOC, I stayed and helped clean up. Normally I feel rushed to get out and leave, so we can get home, have lunch, get Emma down for her nap, and start school so that Jacob's not doing it until 5 PM. Today we had lunch at PWOC so one big step was done. Not only did I help clean up the floors I cleaned a disgusting high chair that a fellow sister allowed her child to get filthy and then leave. Ok I admit I rumbled about the high chair mess. It felt good to help clean the chapel's fellowship hall.

So are you a Mom, a wife, a woman who rarely lifts herself up in praise? Well go ahead and step outside of your box. I encourage you to not only blog about something good you did this week (because seriously isn't it nice to read about something nice someone did for others??), but go visit one of the other ladies blogs and read about what they did and get inspired!


Becky said...

I was just talking with a friend about how we never toot our own horns!!!

Amanda said...

I can't seem to log into my blog! But I see that you were able to see my post and participate..and way to go you!!

I think you are WONDERFUL for cleaning up after someone who just assumed you would. I find thats when I protest the most about giving of my time and energy, when I feel like its almost for you to do this JUST BECAUSE really spoke to me... I should definitely try and do more acts of kindness like that!!

You are such a sweet child of God....

I appreciate you!

Many blessings-

He And Me + 3 said...

That is awesome that you stayed to help clean up...I know it felt good & you helped them out a bunch...who wants to clean a yucky high chair? LOL What a servant you were. Great post!