Monday, March 09, 2009

Food for thought

I want to say this now, this link I'm about to share was shared with me and I seriously went back and forth on even reading it, because...I can not stand Oprah. She literally makes my stomach turn. One of the most dangerous people in the world, yes I'm serious. With saying that though, this article is STILL worth reading.

As a breastfeeding mom and one who pumped and pumped and pumped while Jackson was in NICU for 8 days and ultimately had to throw away all that milk because he never had any need or interest in taking a bottle once home and on the breast full time, and had I done more research I surely could have found a place to have donated his milk. I had hoped to donate it to my friend Sonia's little boy Logan when he was alive (same Sonia who's baby Trystan who I asked for you to pray for). Unfortunately he was lactose intollerant and I could not remember if I'd had lactose foods or not (definitely didn't drink any, but good chance I'd had cheese or something during those 8 days), and at that point it was very closed to expiring.

Anyways...if THIS woman could do that, any woman can do even a small portion. We've grown to become lazy as a nation in nursing our children. Many do not even realize that formula is NOT 2nd's 4th best. Breast milk, then donated breast milk, then goats milk, then formula. Yes goats milk is better for a baby than formula! These are cold hard facts, some may feel I'm casting stones, I'm not...but you still need to know the facts. Breast feeding and pumping is not easy, but once you have the hang of it it's not hard and it's so worth it! For a woman it "can" (not all women) hold of your menstural cycle (and often ovulation) for weeks to months to over a year or more. Lowers your chances for breast cancer (and if you're nursing a baby girl, lowers her chances for breast cancer), lowers your chances for ovarian cancer too. Then the immunities that the baby gets and guess what no matter how long you nurse, your baby will continue to get the immunities so if you continue to nurse past the first year and go for say 3 yrs...your child continues to get these wonderful benefits!

Anyways, I hope this gives you thought. As much as I diislike Oprah I'm glad I read this article and hopefully it will give confidence to mom's who are debating on nursing or think they can't do it, etc. We can all make up excuses, etc...but if this mom could do it....'nuf said.

God Bless


He And Me + 3 said...

I will go read the article.

LawRuh said...

Did you see when Salma Hayek breast fed a baby in Africa (I think it was Africa). She put on a fake nipple and started feeding a malnourished baby. It was very touching.

Amanda said...

I will go back and read the article next time I visit (right now I have to go to the beach...!!!) but I want you to know that I totally agree. I get sick when i hear about moms who choose NOT to breastfeed because of their own selfish reasons... who stop because it wasn't comfortable... who dont even consider nursing ever or trying to pump!! (Then they go and vaccinate them and make things worse, but thats a WHOLE nother topic)

So good job in speaking truth. God made women a certain way for a very good reason!

I didn't even bring a bottle or formula with me on our vacation thinking I would nurse the whole time, and its been just fine, but I think I have annoyed my MIL and FIL with my constant nursing and lack of bottles! They were so surprised I didnt bring any.

Oh well!!

Once again Christy, I totally agree with you and LOVE that you have shared your thoughts and opinions!!

Many blessings-

Anonymous said...

Long ago I admired what I thought was Oprah's willingness to reach out and help others, but over the years I have grown to strongly question her prudence & stability, but this was a good piece.

I don't have children but for all I have heard, breastfeeding is excellent for most babies, though I know ultimately, a mother has a choice, I can't see choosing not to unless something is wrong. ~Mary

Gillie said...

I was a big-time breastfeeder!! I breastfed until G was two and am so glad I did so. Even now he rarely gets sick and I always say it is because of MY breastfeeding awesomeness!! :)

a corgi said...

I think Oprah tries to do good most of the time, I just don't care for her theology

my 2 were adopted, my first was a year old when we adopted her, she was off the bottle and on regular milk by then; my son 6 days old when we adopted him; we got a day's notice so had to bottle feed him. I think breast feeding is very vital; I prayed for my dearest of friends that she could breast feed her second child and she went on to be able to breast feed her third;

again I read your entries from the newest to the oldest; hope you have a good retreat!