Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Italy beach here we come

Guess what I just booked for 3 full days and nights? A room down in Livorno (American post) and we'll spend those days at the American Beach, visiting Pisa, and Florence! Oh I can't wait!!! The boys are really excited! We'll be going down in June. I booked us a Deluxe room, so I'll have a Queen size bed and two single beds, as well as a fenced in patio and BBQ grill! Once I get down there I'll run to the commissary and grab some hamb patties and brats, chips, etc so we can grill each day. We'll definitely eat some GOOD, TRUE Italian while we're down there at least a couple of times!

Right now my plan is to get up around 5 AM, be on the road by 6 AM and we should be down there by 3 pm or 4 hopefully at the latest. It's an 8 hr 45 min. drive from here. Ok I'll just say it COOL is it that we get to go and enjoy a few days at the beach in Italy????? I am a small town Kansas girl. Beaches weren't exactly something we had tons of, unless you're talking about a lake. So don't think I take for granted for one moment what a spectacular blessing it is that we are going to this amazing place, have amazing memories. We've been to Italy once, but it was to Venice (and Vecinza-Army Post). We loved Venice and do want to go back there again and have more time to explore.

I'm hoping after Chad's home we can do Livorno again and then head down to Rome. My thoughts on that are we'd leave our van on post there at Livorno and take the train on down to Rome. Oh and tomorrow I'm going to go to our travel agency on post and am going to check out Cruises to Greece! The cruise is what we want to do when he comes home and we go on block leave (we'll have 30 days, although Chad may have more most likely because he has so much leave built up). If he gets more than the 30 days we may try the Rome trip during that time. I wish you all knew how excited I am!!!

Well this is a rare mid-day entry. Emma's up from her nap and the boys are finishing the school. I think we're going to walk down to the Commissary and pick up a few groceries for dinner and enjoy the nice weather!

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping by my journal to reconnect. I just wrote a comment about Florence & Pisa....and it did not save.....hmmm Well, I was saying they don't call Florence the city of art for is full of culture. When you go thru Piazza della Signoria make sure to see Cellini's Perseus, amongst a million other things.....all the art in Florence is breathtaking.
And the scenery in all of Tuscany is awe-inspiring. Have a lovely time. ~Mary

Kelly Dawn said...

Wayne and I are talking about taking a cruise next year for our 20th :) I am so excited for you :) I will require a post card :)


Kelly Dawn said...

cause i am demanding like that :)


CntryMomma said...

LOLI always have to laugh about how sophisticated you sound when you talk of all these place you visit and place to visit. LOL

And 8+ hours in a car with 3 kids . . . your a SUPER HERO!!! LOL


It's Just Me ~ Katie! said...

Oh you lucky,lucky lady! I would give anything to feel the soft sand between my toes and the sunshine on my face. Then top it off with an authentic Italian dinner ~ Yum. Take care,

Kendra said...

Sounds amazing!

Anonymous said...

One more thing based upon your email :-):
On Piazza della
Signoria where the great works are, they are all displayed around or in open archways overlooking the great plaza. It is amazing & not too "ackkkk" to handle with kids :-). Micelangelo's David used to be there but has been moved to the Academy Gallery, but a beautiful replica is in its place. Next door to the plaza is the Uffizi Palace. It was turned into a museum in 1581. Botticelli's Birth of Venice is in there, as well as Titian's Venus of Urbino. Doing just the plaza & the museum is not too hard, & more than words can say in beautiful. I know they schedule buses that drop off right there.

EmilytheCreative said...

Sounds wonderful. I hope yall have a great time. We are looking at a cruise to take in 2011 with the kids. Maybe a Disney cruise. And we also want to do the Disney World thing as well before the kids get too old to care.. lol. And once I get out of nursing school (end of 2011) and start working and we are able to save for "fun" stuff we want to start traveling the world with the kids. Maybe take one out of country trip every two years or so. Ahh, you made me excited to travel.. lol. Enjoy your day and enjoy all the fun trip planning.

Missie said...

Got room for one more? I'll book a flight to Germany! LOL

ggal2933 said...

ooo that is one place I am visiting one day! Take lots of pics :)


a corgi said...

I stand in awe of you Christy! I think its amazing that you would go traveling like this alone! you go girl!! sounds like fun (and I know this isn't the first trip you've done yourself) sounds like a great adventure!

my sister/family were living in the Netherlands for 2 years due to her hubby's job; they are returning to the states this summer; she said she's going to miss all the chances they had to travel while they were in the Netherlands; she's hoping to get in a few more trips before they return home


Gillie said...

Wowie!! Sounds like so much fun!! I so miss the beach...we don't have here in Nebraska either. :)