Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I never used to be a person who could take naps. Even as a small child, I rarely would nap for my mom. I would lay and rest, but the actual sleeping would not happen. During my pregnancy with Jordyn, I worked and so naps were not an option. I'm sure I took one here or there on the weekends, but it was rare. Jacob well I was grieving, slept most the day (that's when my insomnia began), so I don't really feel I napped then either. But...then came my pregnancy with Jackson. I could not make it through my day without a nap. Everyday Jacob and I would lay down and sleep. It was wonderful. It was honestly the thing I looked forward to everyday! It felt so good! I didn't take as many naps with my pregnancy with Emma, but they came and went from time to time. But since having Emma, naps have become a treasure to me. I don't take them everyday, and actually try not to very often, otherwise I'm often up for hours upon hours even later than normal! But today a nap was mandatory!

Emma woke up at 1 last night, her scream was one of pain or fear (at the onset I wasn't sure). I soon found out, it was pain. My poor baby girl was (to put it bluntly) constipated. Her belly was so hard. She nursed and insisted on laying on top of me. I then was able to coax her to lay beside me, as I rubbed on her little belly. We finally both drifted off in exhaustion around 5. The last time I saw the clock it said 5:01. I was up 2 hours later for PWOC.

So, once we were home, I made lunch, laid Emma down (the boys did their school work at PWOC), I had the boys occupied...I laid down on the loveseat and was out for the count. May I say I felt so much better after that nap. I didn't feel even more tired, as I often do. Nope today my body and mind needed those 2 hours of precious sleep.

Once up I made us chicken-bacon ranch pizza. (Can you say, YUM!). We had a nice evening, and then it was bed time. It's 1:13 and I'm actually yawning so I think I'm going to be able to get a decent nights sleep tonight too.

Please keep Kelly in your prayers if you're not already. Her Dad died 2 nights again. She's in Arizona now with her Dad's wife and her siblings.
Also keep Traci and her husband in your prayers. Lou has been out of work for a few months and he's been offered 2 jobs and went on to an interview today which is actually the type of work he does. What a blessing to have possibly 3 job possibilities!

Continued prayers for my friends Sonia and Gary and their baby boy Trystan.

God Bless


CntryMomma said...

Girl, I can sleep anywhere anytime. ;o) Unfortunately, it's part of the fibro. :o(


Traci said...

Thanks for the link! And for the prayers. Still haven't heard anything yet! I'm with Lori, I can sleep, man!

Gillie said...

I love a good nap! 20 minutes or two hours...I'll take it!!

Hope your baby girl got some relief. ;)

Terri said...

I love naps..and take one every chance I get...LOL How sad is that...hehe :)