Thursday, March 12, 2009

Have a great weekend

We're leaving in the morning and heading out on a retreat. It's for our battalion and the MP unit that's deployed. We'll have a bible study that we'll go to Friday and Saturday, for an hour or two, but otherwise the time will be ours! It's at an amazing resort (from what it looks like on their website!!). They have a HUGE waterpark there, and I'm not talking a pool and a little slide, I'm talking water park slides! The hotel is giving us 8 hours per child of free childcare, so I'm really, really looking forward to that! I'm hoping to book a massage for myself for Saturday or Friday evening.

It's about a 5 hr bus ride, and we have to ride the bus unfortunately. I'm just praying to get a seat upfront so I don't get sick (otherwise I will get sick). Praying that the other kids that are going are not awful. I need to get a couple dvds for my kids. I'm taking the laptop. I have plenty of snacks. Need to get Emma's toys rounded up, but otherwise I'm all packed. I do have to run down to the laundry room and get the last of the clothes from down there, but that's just a quick thing. I'm taking my camera so hopefully I can get some good shots of the kids and scenery. We'll be very close to the France border.

Hope you have a good weekend.

God Bless


Randy said...

Hello Miss Christy,

Hope you have a wonderful weekend with your family. Have a great weekend and enjoy yourself.

God Bless


Leene said...

It feels like I haven't commented in forever - I'm sorry. I hope you and the kiddos have a great weekend, I'm glad you're bringing along the camera, I wish we could get orders overseas. I'll keep you in my prayers and hope the bus ride goes well. Leene

Missie said...

WOW! A 5 hour drive! My kids would drive me bonkers! LOL

Enjoy your time!!

Gillie said...

Hope you have a wonderful weekend and that you got a seat up front! :)

Amanda said...

That sounds so wonderful!!! I pray you have a safe an uneventful visit...and get the massage you need!!

Hope that all the SSN stuff gets worked out...what a hassel!

Many blessings-

Amy said...

Awesome! Can't wait to see your photos. I'm sure you had a great time. Hope you got to sit in the front of the bus!

Denise said...

Hey thanks for the word of advice on sanitizer, they didn't really say anything about just using hot water and soap! but I will so be doing that.

I wish we could get a home vent system, but we live in an apartment and so that it isn't an option. I wish it were.

Thankfully things are much better and he is a completely different kiddo - breathing just dandy!

But again, thanks for your tip!