Saturday, March 07, 2009

Can I tell you how reaffirming it is to know I am not alone? Earlier today I really just felt like I was going to explode. The frustration of disobedient children, Chad not here and not going to be here for 6 more months. Thank you!

The rest of my day was good. The babysitter arrived on time, I left and arrived at my friends home (the babysitter's mom!), and had a great 2 hours at the Pampered Chef party! Have I shared how much I LOVE,LOVE,LOVE Pampered Chef? Yeah...I love Pampered Chef! My kitchen is FULL of PC! So that was awesome and a lot of fun. Then we went to a birthday party. It was what it was. It was at the bowling alley. The boys had fun bowling, Emma had fun eating (lol), and then it was time to come home. Jack was tired and went to bed early.

Tomorrow is kind of a busy day...we have church, come home have lunch, work with the boys one last time on their Awana verses, then head to Awana by 4 pm, then it's home, dinner (I'm making black beans in the crock pot and rice), showers, bible, and bed time.

I have another confession. I've been terrible about reading the bible with the boys. So we'll be doing devotions every night. I am thinking we're going to start our days off with a devotion as well. I want the 1st one to be Jacob reading it though.

For those who also remember my prayer request for my friends little boy, Trystan, please keep praying. I have not heard any news on him, etc. Please just keep praying. No matter they have a long road ahead of them. Pray for Sonia and Gary (mom and dad) and Kharisma (big sister). Thank you!

God Bless


Amanda said...

I hear you at the disobedient children thing. Being around the in laws 24-7 (thats where we are staying on vacation) is showing me so many flaws in my parenting style....and how my children are suffering (being SO disobedient!) for it.

Love you!