Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Frustration never ends does it?

I know Satan loves it, I know he does and he loves it even more when I'm reacting the way I am. I just want to SCREAM. I want to kick someone or something or maybe punch them or it, seriously I think I could feel better if I could. I think I'm going to work out instead, but good grief!

Emma is 19 months old. NINETEEN MONTHS and we STILL do not have her Social Security Card. I sent off for it soon after she was born to our Consulate, we did everything right, because we did it in the office with the man whose job it is to help with that and birth certifiates, etc. We did it. Ok...nothing. I got nothing. So in December I sent off all the paperwork AGAIN. Chad came home and we were both frustrated. We needed to do our taxes and once again were not able to claim Emma, but told that when we got her SS# we could come and do an amendment for this '06 and 07. We'd also talked to the woman who works in the office here on post that we get the paperwork from for SS Cards and she actually called Frankfurt and they verified they had everything, and were in the middle of processing it. Well today I get all the paperwork back saying they need a certified copy of my military id or dl to complete the process. Well one it's stapled to the freaking paperwork they sent back! Yes that's right, they had it. Oh and it gets better, it's the FIRST set I sent! My head is going to freaking explode. This office in Frankfurt is only open between 9 AM and Noon, lovely hours huh? Tomorrow I have PWOC and it doesn't get over until 11:30, so I'm going to RUSH home, call them and see if they're just stupid or what the issue is.

Please pray, because my frustration is so overwhelming. I just feel like I'm going to explode with all this. In the big scheme of things, no it's not THAT big of a deal. It's just one MORE thing piled onto a huge pile of things that's already over me. I just am tired of doing this all alone. I'm tired of my husband being gone every other year. I am just feeling Satan jumping up and down on me.
I need prayers.


ReadyAim said...

Ok, you gotta admit that it's pretty funny that they sent the paperwork back asking for the id that was stapled to it.

Ok, so you're not ready to laugh yet? That's ok, taxes are already a hassle and not having what you need because of someone else's inefficiencies is really annoying.

Want to borrow my TASER?

Hang in there!


Beth in NC said...

We had a really hard time IN AMERICA getting our daughter's SS#. I can't imagine trying somewhere else. Sheesh.

I pray it works out soon -- without you losing your witness. :o)

Creativecolors19 said...

I agree with Lisa, her taser could be alot of fun!
Im sorry things are so tough right now, Im praying for some joy and peace to enter your life soon and sustain you for a while.

Gillie said...

How frustrating!!!!! I feel for ya sister!!

CntryMomma said...

Dumb people really annoy me.

And so does Satan. But at least we can drop kick his BEhind. tee hee


Terri said...

That is insane that they sent it back...I would be frustrated too!

Keeping you in my prayers