Sunday, March 29, 2009

Trials of motherhood

Ever feel like that one particular child is "going to be the death" of you? I do! Mine's named Emma Grace! She's sweet, sassy, stubborn, overbearing, beautiful, wonderful, and a mess! This morning before church she decided it was time for a trip to the ER. Yep, oh what fun!

She was running, we have hardwood floors, and she fell and hit her head and the biggest goose egg I have EVER seen in my life popped up on that childs head so fast. I did learn that, it forming so quickly is actually a good sign that most likely (note most likely) no blood clot. I had been in the bathroom when this happened, it took me about 3 seconds to get to her. Once she was calmed down I called my friend T, where Jacob was having a sleep over at with her son and sent our neighbor boys home who had slept over and was going to go to church with us, but well I was not about to take an extra child to the ER if I didn't have he went home! Off Jack, Emma, and I went to the ER. May I just say that I was a wreck. Normally I'm calm and even maybe a little harsh. I'm the mom who's looking, seeing they're ok and telling them to get up and get back to playing or what ever it was they were doing before they hurt themselves. Not this morning.

I'm not sure still if she also scratched herself or if because the goose egg/bump grew so quickly her skin split. I was of sound mind to grab my camera though and I took a picture of her before taking her into the hospital. (photo to come) I get in there, she was seen with in 10 minutes and they sent us over to have a sonogram of her head. They looked and he said all was well, no bleeding or clots could be seen. Now let me explain during the first 10 minutes of waiting she was happily playing with the toys they had there, jabbering away, and running around. When we went to the kinder clinic (children's clinic) to have the sonogram, they have all kinds of things for the kids to play on and with and she was running around, loud, laughing, and having a good old time. It's about this time I started to question if I should have even brought her to the ER! LOL (Ok it wasn't a big question, I needed the piece of mind knowing she was ok!!) So she had the sonograph, and we went back to the ER waiting room, waited about 20 or so minutes, saw a different dr and he said she was ok. She had a very slight concussion, just to keep an eye on her bring her in if any signs (vomitting, intense sleepiness, confusion, acting oddly), but otherwise he sent us on our way. So by 12:30 I was pulling up to the chapel parking lot, going in and low and behold everyone knew about Emma.

My friend T had told one of the chaplains and he happened to be the one praying during service and so he asked for prayers for Emma. So in a matter of 30 minutes after Emma falling she was being prayed for by aprox. 300 people! How blessed are we? We live on a small post so I came home to messages on the answering machine from people who'd heard Emma had been hurt and were reaching out in case I needed help with the boys. Can I tell you how blessed I feel to live here? So very blessed!

So ready to see this crazy child of mine?

Yes I know her face is dirty (I washed it right after I took this and saw how disgusting she was! LOL) I took this right before I got her out of the van to take her inside to the ER. Oh by the time we left the hospital and got back to post, it was about half the size it started off with and when she went to bed it was half that size. I'll take another picture of her in the morning so you can see the difference.

God Bless
PS if you haven't been by Kristy's (linked 2 posts ago) please go and rejoice with us! What a blessing!


He And Me + 3 said...

Actress had a goose egg like that once. Scared us too. She now has a scar though from the skin stretching so badly.
Hope she is well & the swelling goes all the way down soon.

ggal2933 said...

I'm glad that she is okay...sending you all prayers and hugs!


Janis said...

How scary---Glad all is okay and she is back to her silly self! :)

Have a great week! I'm so glad you have such an awesome support system there!


Becky said...

LOL...she is still beautifil...goose egg and all!!!

Terri said... glad she is okay!

Hurt and still smiling for the camera...too