Monday, March 02, 2009


Please I'm asking each and everyone of you to start praying and ask everyone you know to begin to pray as well for my friend Sonia, her husband Gary, and most importantly their newborn son, Trystan. Trystan is their 4th child/3rd son. He was dx with the same disease that his 2 brothers died from and his sister is a survivor from.

Here's a website to learn more about the disease:

Trystan has FHL, Gary and Sonia are obvious carriers, all 3 of his siblings have had this disease. This morning Trystan is going to have a central line (broviach) placed, and treatment will begin soon. Pray they can find a bone marrow donor quickly and easily for him, too.

We met Sonia and Gary when Jordyn was being treated at Walter Reed. We've remained very close over the years. Jordyn had been released from Children's for her bone marrow transplant and Christopher had remained there. Our dear nurse from WR called me saying Sonia wanted me to come up and be with them, because Christopher would be going home to Heaven soon. I was so truly honored to be allowed in the room as he left his Momma's arms for Jesus's arms.
Kharmisma was able to beat the disease and they decided to try to have another baby and pray he'd be healthy. Sadly Logan was not. A dear friend bought me a plane ticket and I was able to be with Sonia, meet Kharisma, and share Logan with me.

Also pray for my friend J, who's 6 month old is having unknown issue's. God knows what is going on, but if you'd ask for God's grace and mercy.

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Beth in NC said...

That is horrible. :o( I will pray!

He And Me + 3 said...

I will pray too.

Becky said...

praying here

LIZ said...

Praying for your friends....I am amazed at the strength of some people. Having already lost a child, I dont know how they do it.

Amy said...

Will do.
I actually went to the news after one of the soldier's girlfriends called me all in a panic about the situation. "Have you heard from your hubby!?!?1" I told her it was going to be a loooong year if we kept going like this. Hard but that is where faith comes in.

Traci said...

Praying for that family!