Tuesday, December 16, 2008

All better...whew!

So thankfully last nights incident was a one time only thing! Thank you Lord!!! I have praised him all over the place today!!! So my prayer warriers, thank you! I just got done skyping with my husband! He changed jobs and he's so much happier! I'm about to make another batch of no bake cookies, the last batch did NOT turn out good at all, not sure what happened, but they would not set up right and dry. So I'm about to make another batch! I'll try to come back later and write a real entry, we'll see ;)


Daphine said...

I'm glad to read that things are better. Hang in there friend! This is only for a season, ya know?

Amanda said...

Yeah! Praise the Lord! What wonderful news to start my day.

Blessings to you!

Trisha said...

I am so glad to hear that all is better....I think of you often and pray for your sanity :) peace, good health, and safety.
I finished my second semester of nursing school today...PRAISE THE LORD. I have 5 weeks of being able to be anything but a student. Again...PRAISE THE LORD!
Jeff is surprising the kids for Christmas..he gets 15 days and then he is off again until July. It will be nice to have him home even if briefly....I think he is staying "in" after this. Time to get accustomed (once more) to the military life!
Please stay healthy...be safe...have a wonderful Christmas...and keep up being an AMAZING mother and wife.
God bless you...
San Diego

a corgi said...

glad that the kids for the moment are doing good; its a shame that people don't stay home when they are sick and expose others to their germs (I read a few of your entries to catch myself up)

I'm glad Chad got the card; I also sent him a book through Amazon; I'm thinking he'll get it soon because I sent another book to another soldier I write to and he confirmed that he got his book and I ordered them the same time

I write Chad every week; I hope he's getting my letters (I don't need confirmation that he is); I sent him some pistachios too through a company back in August; I just never know if things I send get there and then I'm leery about sending things because I don't know if they are getting to the people I'm sending them to; does this make sense?


Janis said...

Praise God! Glad all are well! :)