Saturday, December 20, 2008

Amazing Grace

So I was over at Jana's blog and came across this video. I have LOVED Chris Tomlin's version of Amazing Grace, but the video is beautiful!
I don't think it's surprising or any secret that I'm ProLife and here's just one beautiful example of WHY every single child deserves the RIGHT to life. It is NOT, I repeat NOT our choice to make...GOD made it for us. We made it for ourselves when we got pg, and even in the horrible circumstance of rape, God still allowed an innocent child to be created and there are families out there that will LOVE that child with everything in their soul.



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He And Me + 3 said...

Beautiful. I totally agree with you on the right to life. I am a huge prolifer!
BTW...I am not getting your updates on my dashboard. Hmmmm. So sorry I have not been leaving comment love like I should...I am just not getting the updates. Weird.