Sunday, December 28, 2008

Who's up for a challenge?

So who loves Beth Moore? Who loves God even more? Who's up for a challenge?
Well she's doing a challenge for the year of HERE . What's the challenge you ask...memorizing scripture. We'll memorize 24 over the next 12 months, that's just 2 a month and it'll be scripture that YOU are personally led to memorize, not what Beth or anyone else tells you to memorize, just what GOD tells you to memorize! How awesome is that?

The best Defense against Satan is knowing and having God's word in our heart. Let me tell you, I'm the Spark's Director for AWANA (don't know what AWANA is, well go HERE). My children know so much scripture, they have so much of God's word hidden in their heart, it's humbling and humiliating to me, that I know so little word by word as they do. I know a fair amount, have a good idea where quite a bit is. So I'm taking this challenge! I'm going to MEMORIZE God's word! I'm going to go and buy my spiral index card book, hopefully tomorrow (we're in Germany things are not always so easy to find here as they are in the states!!), and if I can't find that, I'll find a good substitute that will do the job I need it to do! I will take it everywhere I go, including out and about with me. I may buy 3 so I can carry one in my purse, keep one in the car with me at all times and one here at home, then I don't have to worry about "leaving" it somewhere. Because I'd NEVER do that! LOL

IF you're joining in, make sure to sign Beth's LPM blog and let me know too! I'd love to know how many friends I have enduring this task with me. I will admit too, that memorizing scripture has been a HUGE struggle for me in the past, so this is a completely and 100% GOD thing!



Janis said...

What a great idea! I would love to do this with you. Can you repost the link as it wasn't working to Beth Moore's site?



Amanda said...

Well, of course this is the best idea I have heard for 2009. And of course I need to be doing this right along with you. (Slap forhead here) so why am I coming up with all these excuses??? I need to just do it!!! You are right about everything you say about Scripture and how we need to knowe the Word!!!


Must make self do this.

Must not be whiney baby.

oh man!

God bless-

a corgi said...

I signed up