Friday, December 05, 2008

Oh my aching back

I wish I could say it's just from "getting older" and well I'm sure a bit of that's true, but the reality is I think my body is just recovering from the sickness that's been in our home for the last week. My back is absolutely, positively killing me and because my room is such a disaster zone (oh you all say yours is too, but most likely it's anything me MINE IS I could be on one of those tv shows where they show those peoples homes that are absolutely horrific with the mess...yeah that's my bedroom, seriously). Anyways, I can't even find my heating pad because well I'm sure it's under the mess of piles somewhere, but who knows where exactly, or maybe under my bed, that's a better guess, but who could possibly wedge their self down to look under there? We need new mattresses too and have for a couple years now so that does not help. I know it's from all the vomiting I did Monday night/Tuesday morning and then all the holding of Emma who insists on being held so much lately, and all her nursing which does put a strain on your back when you nurse all night long (literally I think she was attached all night last night).

Right now the throbbing is just overwhelming. I will get my room cleaned if for nothing else, than so I can find my heating pad and cure this ache. I am debating right now on a hot bath to see if that'll help. I have a hard time relaxing in the bath (the opposite is true for my dear husband who can and does fall in asleep in the tub...yes the man takes baths and loves them and will sleep in there until the water is freezing cold...insanity I tell you!). Now if I have a good book that I can't put down, I can normally relax in the tub, but I don't have one I just can't put down right now. I'm hoping on getting some Yada Yada Prayer books for Christmas so I'm refraining myself from going out looking for them until after Christmas at least!

Tonight I did get that overwhelming feeling of missing Chad. We last talked on Monday and he said he'd call Tuesday, but didn't so I can only guess he's back out on another mission. I miss him so much and miss just hearing his voice when ever I please. There's a possibility he could get another job in a different company, which would be a great thing for him. He'd not be going out on all the missions that he's going out on (HUGE, HUGE,HUGE PLUS) he'd be working for a 1st Sgt that he's friends with and has a great deal of respect for, and it's just something he'd like. He'd have more free time to go work out, call us ;) it'd just be better. He said not to get my hopes up on it, but I'm praying and if you'd pray too, I'd so appreciate it!! It would mean we'd be part of a different company and honestly that's fine with me. I'm just waiting on him to let me know how things pan out. Ultimately I know God's got this and I just can not worry about this. So I'm not!

Tonight we had a good night. The post had their local Christmas Tree Lighting, so we went to that and then over to the movie theater so the kids could see Santa. The boys were good, told him what they wanted, and smiled for the picture. Emma screamed (of course). We had a snack, walked down to the commissary, and came home, made dinner, and off to bed they went. Tomorrow night the boys are having one last sleep over at our friend A's home. Jacob and her oldest who's birthdays are just days apart are having a birthday exchange and sleep over. Jack and their youngest son are friends and so she asked if Jack wanted to have a sleep over too. She's taking them to see the movie Bolt as well. I was going to take them, but since Jacob was having the sleep over figured we'd have to wait until it's second run through here and now I don't have to worry about it! Works for me, because I would have had to found a babysitter for Emma. No way she'd sit still for the movie and that's fine, but just one more thing to add to the list right now, and now I don't have to!

Ok, you know I just can't take the back pain anymore, I'm heading to the tub.


Heli gunner Tom said...

I have a bad, injured back too. I am also a disabled Vietnam Veteran: 68-70, happily married in Wisconsin, retired from AMC/ Chrysler and I hope you visit my Journal too!

I love your Blog!

Warm Regards,

Old Soldier Tom's Journal.