Friday, December 19, 2008

Good Night,

I had planned to write this fabulous, deep, life changing blog tonight. Ok so maybe not all that. I'd planned on writing a really good blog. No you still don't believe me? Ok so I thought I'd write my normal sub-par blog tonight, read some, then head to bed.

Ha! We went caroling (a lot of walking) for almost 2 hours otnight. Then we came back to the Hospitality House, ate lasagna, a fabulous salad, and of course bread. Dinner was good, the hot chocolate was yummy. We stayed and I talked with T who's the hostess of the house, while M who's T's husband and cohosts, runs the house played a board game with one of their son, and two new single soldiers tonight. The boys played with their other son, Emma was played with by their 2 daughters. It was nice to just sit and chat. But we didn't get home until about 10:30 and I was wiped out then, now it's 1 am and I can not keep my eyes I'm off to bed.

That FABULOUS blog will have to be written another day~!


Mrs B said...

Thanks for stopping by with such kind words. I am glad you had a good chocolate always helps.

God bless

Janis said...

This blog was just fine! :) I enjoy just hearing about your life. We always went caroling with our church as I was growing...I miss that. Perhaps that is something I could start with my new one. It's such a great opportunity and it's a good way to teach our younger ones about giving to others!

God Bless...glad you had a great time of fellowship!

Gillie said...

Happy Christmas to you and yours!!
God bless!