Saturday, December 13, 2008


Ok first off, scroll down and make sure you check out the previous post, seriously it's awesome (not my writing, but the subject matter!!!)...and for a hint, look at the top widget/graphic here on the right side of my blog! :)

I got almost all the Christmas gifts wrapped tonight. It's a small Christmas this year. We have spent about the same as we do normally, but the kids are getting a Wii this year so fewer gifts. The kids still have gifts coming from Chad, from my parents, my brother (most likely will not be here in time), and my best friend Tami. My inlaws normally send money for the kids, not sure if they are this year or not.

I of course realized today I've not gotten my inlaws or grandma inlaw or my grandparents gifts. I need to go to the Christmas market on Monday and get those. It's not going to be anything big, but should get them something. I don't know how that escaped me this year. I have to mail the Christmas gifts that's being mailed on Monday too and part of that is Chads. I got him another Christmas gift today, A Digital Photo Frame! So tomorrow night after the kids go to bed, I'm going to upload pictures onto it for him! The boys each picked out a gift for him at the Christmas market, and when we were in the states I had a photo light box made for him. It has the kids and I picture on it, you plug it in and there we are! I think he'll like everything. I went shopping in the next post closest to us and went to the commissary and got him lots of snacks too.

I am finished with the kids for Christmas. I got their Christmas PJ's today. The boys are matching and Emma's is a cute Christmas nightgown. I'm going to have the gift wrapping place here on post wrap those, they take donations, so it'll be perfect! I have decided I'm going to have the Wii all set up for the kids Christmas Morning. We do Santa, "he brings" one gift. It's normally the "big" gift! Last year it was our Cat Whisker's, this year it's the Wii.

I do still need to find Emma a Santa gift. The two different options I was going to use as Santa gifts, the boys ended up seeing, so that ruins that. She's getting a cute little wicker stroller that I got in Poland and a wooden rocking chair that I got in Czech Republic. So I need to find her something, just not sure what. She's only going to be 16 1/2 months...she's into baby dolls! She's already getting a baby from one of her brothers (sorry can't remember which one picked it out! LOL). I guess I could still get her another baby as her Santa gift. Ugh! IF only they hadn't been so stinking nosey! LOL I'm going to have to go to the PX again and look and if nothing sticks out head over to Toys R Us. I was hoping to avoid that place! LOL

My parents got Emma a baby doll set...stroller, carrier, and a bunch of other things come with it. My brother is getting her a baby or a purse. I can't remember what Tami got her! :X Chad I believe got her a jewelry box. Chad's getting the boys Wii accessories and I "think" a game for it, but can't remember (I know BAD), my mom got them each a Wii game, and my brother is getting them accessories and possibly a game for it too. They're getting some money from my parents as well so they're going to have a very "nice" Christmas. The boys each have 9 gifts under the tree. Emma currently has 7. Not too many, not too few.

Ok I'm going to get off of here, and TRY to get some sleep. It's 4 AM here in Germany. If you're reading this, please pray I can go to sleep.

God Bless and don't forget to read the previous entry!!!!!


Daphine said...

You've been busy girl! I still have so much to do! I love that you get your kiddos pjs too! We've had this same tradition with our girls for several years. They love it. They get to open their pjs on Christmas Eve. They already know what the gift is each year on Christmas Eve, but it's still fun watching the look on their faces when they open up their new pjs. It's not as easy as it once was to buy pjs for my teenager though. They have to be very cool, ya know? Okay...I'm rambling! Sorry!