Tuesday, December 09, 2008

A little of this and that

It's been a good day so far! The kids slept in (ahhh so good!) until 9 am! Let me tell you with my children that never happens. One of the beauties of homeschooling is that they COULD sleep in, but do they, RARELY. Ask Emily they're normally up at the crack of dawn, but the sun's not up at 7 AM here right now and there for my sweet children are sleeping in the last few days! I am NOT complaining. I woke up very tired so I lazed around for a while, the boys played in their room and cleaned for a bit. Emma ran back and forth from me to the boys room. She took full advantage of me since I was already laying down lol (she's a nursling) so she was in her own little heaven! LOL So....I got up made grilled cheese (again...it's right before payday and lunch idea's are running low and the kids LOVE them so it works for me!) and they had applesauce and raisins. After lunch, Emma went down for her nap and the boys started school. School went VERY smoothly today, I'm so thankful for that! After they were done with schoo and Emma was up from her nap we made my Great Grandma C's Applesauce Raisin Cookies. They're my ultimate favorite cookie and my family loves them! (Well except Chad, he's a freak who doesn't like cooked raisins lol more for us!) The kids and I made them, they are doing great at learning all the measurements, love doing the "fun" stuff of pouring and mixing. I sling them on the stone (got to LOVE Pampered Chef) and since I made a double batch so I can take some to PWOC in the morning half are now done! I'm taking my friend Petra some tomorrow too, because she loves them and she's such a bright light in my life so hey if I can add a smile I will. The only thing with the cookies is I am out of walnuts so they're not "perfect" but they're still good!
After cookies were done I made some Beer bread and started a pot of Wild Rice Soup. They'll both be done in about an hour or so.

It's just a good day! The kids are happily playing in their bedroom, my home is cleaned up (other than my bedroom, seriously one day I WILL get that done! I'm making SLOOOOOOOOOOOW progress). Yesterday my home got a FAST clean up when my friend called to see if her boys could come over while she went to her dentist apt. She had another friend lined up, but that friends husband was able to come home (from deployment) for about 5 days because a unit that is attached to our battalion (but that unit is from another Army Post about 1 hr away) is coming home SOON. Anyways that husband had to come back and get things prepared for the unit's redeployment home, so his wife and baby girl were blessed to have a couple days of him and yesterday was one of those days. So...the boys and I started cleaning like MAD. I took all my Christmas totes to the basement, took laundry down there, got a ton washed, dried, AND PUT AWAY! (Wahoo for me! LOL). Took out the trash (you know the trash I blogged about in my "not me Monday" post lol). She dropped the boys off and had to leave immediately (the perk is I literally am right next door to the dental and health clinic (it's all one building) so she walked a few steps and she was there so she was able to wait until literally the last minute to drop them off! Whew! I kept cleaning even after she left while the kids all played. Was able to sweep every room, vacuum the living and dining room, and just get things moved around that had been sitting out (my scrapbook totes and get them placed at least temporarily). Today I've been going through framed photo's that I want to hang up. I have a wall in my living room that is bare because you used to have our wall unit there and since we moved it I've never hung anything else there, so it's time to get some photo's up there!

Ok the boys are playing air hockey, so I'm going to take advantage of this time and star hammering some nails! :)


CINDY said...

Those babes of yours are growing so fast. I love the picture at the beginning. I have missed so much of your journal. And those cookies sound delicious. My grandbabie Adrianna is trying to climb up and type too, lol. Hmmm I'm thinking she'll want a computer next, lol. Take care and have a wonder
ful christmas holiday. (((hugs)))

Reely Jiggin said...

I haven't even read through the whole entry because I'm just wondering why the sun hasn't come up by 7 AM?

Do you mean "out" or did you really mean "up"? Cuz, that's just like crazy wierd.

Back to reading your entries. lol

Shelly said...

Oh boy, I've had some mad cleanups like that when someone was on their way over. lol That's funny!! I'm glad to hear you all are doing well!! Love, Shelly

Gillie said...

Nothing like a little motivation for a quick clean-up! I get the mosr done when I am under pressure of someone seeing my messy house! :)