Friday, December 05, 2008

Come Check It Out!

Ok so I'm pretty sure last year I did a little "Free" advertising and will do it again this year. My friend Tiffany is VERY talented and makes 100% original designs, including but not limited to Christmas Cards! She made ours last year and she did it again this year! I told her I was thinking something simple, sent her 3 pictures to put on it and it wasn't simple, but FABULOUS! I was so thrilled with it you just do not even understand. I'd share it here, but I don't know how to do it without showing my last name which is on it (if anyone can tell me how to do that nifty trick let me in on it ok!). Anyways...she only charges $10.00. You sent her the picture(s) you want on it and any wording, bible verse, any thoughts on colors, graphics, etc and she'll do what she can (which is A LOT!!) and you'll get your very own, one of a kind Christmas card to send out to family and friends! She does a great deal of other things too and if you explore her site, and know me and my family you'll see at least 3 other examples of her work that she's personally done for me through the Wall Collages (that was my Christmas gift from Chad last year as well as we had one made for my mother and one for my mother in law...all unique and different!). I've gotten her key chains as well as Italian Charm picture bracelett and love them! Great unique Christmas gifts!! Ok done with all the plugging...just go check her out, use her, abuse her (ok don't abuse her!). She's actually using her profits this year to put towards a college class trip to Ireland next year (from someone who's been there...HELP THAT GIRL GET THERE!). Oh and if I did not say so, she's super fast in getting her work completed! She was able to get my card done in just a couple days! You can then print them off yourself or have it sent to WalMart, WalGreens or any place that prints and just have them printed off as 4x6 photo's and there you go!!

Her website is on my sidebar, but here you go for easier access: