Monday, December 15, 2008

Not Me Monday

It's Monday again! Who'd have thought so many people would look forward to Monday's??? Come on admit it, you do!
I am NOT sitting here eating Chocolate Chips straight out of the bag and I surely do NOT have a bag of Dorito's sitting close by too, so I can go between sweet and salty. AND if I WAS doing that, I surely would NOT admit it, right here on the internet for any and everyone to see!
I did not have a big, huge fight with my husband on IM last week. No he's deployed and in Iraq for that matter, I'm always supportive, kind, loving, and gentle with that man. I'd never be fuming mad at him while he's deployed. (We did make up! LOL)
I absolutely did not have my kids clean their room Friday morning vs doing their school work (which they do in the afternoon's normally) so their room would be more presentable (HAHA) when their friends came over one last time, for one last playdate before they leave (tomorrow..sniff-sniff). I did not let them skip out on making up that school work on Saturday so I could go to another post to do shopping. No I'm right on top of school every day Monday through Friday and I never allow skipping. :X I am surely not giving homeschooling a bad name all of a sudden.
I am not going to be a mean mom and make my kids do school everyday this week and most of next week (Mon,Tues, and Wed). I am surely giving them a break for Christmas. I'm not debating making them do school work the week after Christmas. I'm not writing this just to also redeem myself from being slacker homeschool mom as shown above! LOL
I am not counting down the days until my husband comes home on R&R in February. No, I don't mind deployments. I just love doing everything all alone. I love feeling like a single mom every other year. I really don't mind 15 month deployments either, hey what's another 3 months???
I am not bothered at all that one by one (or 2 by 2 or 3 by 3) my friends are moving away and I'm being left trying to figure out how to manage. I don't mind that they're leaving part way through this deployment. I feel no sadness, and I definitely do NOT Feel resentment that I went through their 15 month deployment and they're up and leaving me. No, no resentment and you know I also do not give any guilt trips at all.
I am not a slacker at housekeeping. My bedroom could be in a magazine or better yet on tv. (You know that TLC or HGTV ones for cleaning out absolute dumping ground rooms! LOL)
I did not ignore the fact that I saw Emma eating cheerio's off the floor while dinner was in the oven tonight. I would NEVER let my child eat off a floor. That's gross.
I absolutely did not pick up a few more gifts for all 3 kids today after my massage,!
I did not love my massage that I got today. I did not lay there thinking that I should have one done every other week or at least once a month. No, I am really not into having someone rubbing my back, legs, and arms and taking away all the aches and pains.
I layed perfectly still and did NOT, repeat did NOT jump when I had my eyebrows waxed. I'm not a jumper, even when it doesn't hurt that much. No perfectly still I'm telling you!
I also did not find things go a little blurry out of my right eye for a moment after she waxed my right eye brow and get worried that something was wrong. No I'm rational and know that it's just from the non-pain that I was obviously not going through. I did not have to sit for a moment after the wax was done to get my barings because my body was so relaxed from the massage and in shock from the pain of waxing.
I did not talk to the lady who gave me my massage about not waxing the bikini area. I did not confess to her that I'm too chicken because of the pain factor. She did not totally bust on MEN who have their eyebrows shaped and wonder if they were men or girls! ROFL We did not crack up and she did not have to stop my massage as we composed ourselves!
I'm not wishing that she was here right now giving me another massage! No, I told you earlier I don't enjoy them!
So come on and join in on Not Me Monday.


CntryMomma said...

I can handle the eyebrows . . .it's the upper lip that kills me! LOL If one of the girls happen to be with me I DO NOT make them hold my hand. Yeeeeoooooowwwwww!


Your word verification is DEFOG. lol

Liz (Loving Mom 2 Boys) said... of my favorite snacks is chocolate chips right from the bag....yummmmm

Amanda said...

OH sweety...I was SOOOO glad to hear you got a massage! Finally! Something JUST FOR YOU!!! Loved your list! Love how honest you are, and still seem like the perfect mom to me!

Many blessigns-