Monday, December 29, 2008

Not Me Monday

Ok before I start typing, keep Stellan in your prayers, if you don't know who Stellan on the Graphic righ below (Not Me Monday) and meet Stellan...
I did not threaten to take away Christmas presents the days leading up to Christmas, because my boys bedroom was such a mess that had anyone came over I would have jumped shoes and tried not to trip over them in the hallway just to close their door so no one could see the horrors of reality of our home. No I make sure their room stays properly put together at all times.
I did NOT pretend to call Santa and tell him to NOT leave presents for Jacob and Jackson and only leave the gift for Emma that he was bringing, I'm not that cruel. I do not tell my children I have his phone number AND email address.
I did NOT h ave Santa call them via a really awesome website that I SHOULD have posted on here, but didn't think about until right this minute because I'm ALWAYS on top of those sorts of things. They did NOT stand in AWE with their mouths hanging open and Jackson was NOT jumping around saying "Santa, Santa" with the biggest GRIN on his face the whole time! I did not just laugh with a heart full of love at their innocense and sweetness.
I did not force them to go back to cleaning their room AFTER said Santa call and threaten to call him back. LOL
I have not become secretly (or not so secretly now) addicted to the boys Wii that they got for Christmas. I hate video games, so I surely would not have been inticed by Mario and all the fun memories of the original Nitendo from my own childhood, and did not play it for over 2 hours and only stop because of numbness in my hands. I did NOT pick up the wheel as soon as I got feeling back and start back to playing.
I definitely did not challenge my 7, almost 8 yr old son to a sports game and I most definitely did NOT, I repeat did not dance around after I beat him...singing and dancing and laughing my butt off. He did not look at me like I'd lost my mind.
I did not secretly enjoy that Emma slept in on Christmas Morning and that I got to totally focus on the boys and not juggle picture taking and her in my lap. No, never me.
I do not secretly (or not so secretly as Lori now knows lol) loathe someone from an email loop I'm on and think it's just sad that she's so miserable, argumentative, and just want to slap her. No, I'm a good Christian woman and never, absolutely never have mean thoughts about a lost soul. ( I don't hate her, but I dislike her as much as I possibly can).
I did not yell at Emma this morning as she wanted to nurse again after finishing up a 30 minute nursing session 5 minutes before hand and just wanting to go to sleep without being touched. I am not selfish like that.
I am not going to go listen to Beth Moore, because Lori is telling me I have to before it expires and I am NOT finding my tissue's. I don't love Beth Moore, I do not think she's fabulous. I also do not think God's using her in all sorts of ways to convict my butt. I do NOT have a love/hate relationship with her book Breaking Free. It did not make me cry constantly because God was convicting me every step of the way through that study.
I do not feel envy towards women who's husband do not deploy for 15 months. I do not get just a bit testy at women who complain about their husbands being gone for a couple of days, to me directly. (Except for Emily, although I still call her out! LOL).
I am not falling asleep right now writing this, because it's 3:18 AM. I am not all of a sudden tired.


Mrs B said...

Wow girl! What a list. I know what you mean about the game systems. My brothers and I spent two nights playing Guitar Hero...almost as addicting as blogging! God bless you and as always, thanks for stopping by! :)

Daphine said...

LOL! Great list of "nots"!

Happy Monday! Well, now that it's over! Happy Tuesday tomorrow! lol!

Traci said...

I have had a revelation. I haven't read your blog in a hundred year because your rss feed won't work and I am lazy. I have added you and now I will know when you post! I feel like I see you on facebook a bit too. Anyway, enough of my excuses!

LYN said...

this was a fun read...LOL
Happy new Year!!!