Saturday, January 10, 2009

Chad's R&R questions, answers

So a couple of you have asked how long Chad's R&R is, it's for 18 days with a possibility of 2 days with us from travel time. After his time here he will then return back to Iraq and finish out his deployment. Army has the longest deployments. It's just one of those lovely facts of life for us. I never thought a 12 month deployment would look so good, but once you're in the midst of a 15 monther you see things differently.

So in a couple weeks we'll mark 8 months down, wow I guess now we're officially at the half way mark of this deployment. Half way done and we're already at 7 1/2 months. I will say I'm ready. I'm ready to have him home. I wish he was going to be staying for good, but I accept that he has to return after our 2 1/2 weeks and finish out the deployment. It'll suck. It'll be hard for all of us, especially the kids, but we'll get through it and my goal is with a more positive outlook. I've not had that this deployment and I'm tired of being stuck in the mud about this. It's definitely not helping the deployment go by faster, and it's not helping my children. So I'm going to finish this deployment praising GOD! Praising him that he gave me a man who's a wonderful husband, amazing father, a man of Faith and Conviction, and a man who's not afraid to stand up for what he believes in and not afraid to die for those beliefs either!

Ok...I'm off, got to try and catch up on a few blogs and then off to bed!


He And Me + 3 said...

You are an amazing women, wife and mother too! You are so strong too!

Trisha said...

Thinking of you Christy! Jeff just left after 17 days at home...He had been gone 6 1/2 months and we were ready to see him! We had a wonderful, restful 17 days...we each put on 5 pounds easily...I was cooking more than normal...enjoying some food...Now it's time to get it off! Anywho....we just said bye to Jeff yesterday morning at OMG early. It was hard. We acclimated to his being home rather quickly...Jack had a bit of a hard time saying goodbye, as did I. But....24 hours later...still a couple of tears...I am hunkered down to get on with the next 6months. I will be thinking of you in the days leading up to Chad's visit! I hope that it is rejuvinating for you all....a good hug and a kiss go a lllllooooonnnnggg way! :) Thank you for being so supportive of your hubby...thank him for his is such a sacrafice on all fronts....Chad is lucky to have such a dedicated wife and wonderful mother to his children. He will be here before you know it!!! Enjoy your time together. If I don't post before he comes home ( I start up school again in one week....yuck)just know that I am thinking about you and saying prayers for you all!

San Diego

Daphine said...

What a great reunion you guys will have! I know you've had your moments, but you are such a stong woman! God honors you standing behind your man! Blessings to you sister.

Happy Sunday!

LYN said...



Slacker Mom said...

It has to be hard for all of you! I'm excited for your family time together and hope Austria is full of wonderful memories for you guys.

I, also, do not enjoy cleaning, but sure love the feeling of having the house in order and spotless afterwards! (And) With kids, it seems as soon a sone room is clean, they move right in to destroy it!

Hope you have a great day!

LawRuh said...

Woohoo.. almost over! Okay, so you and I have to figure out when we're going to meet. We are PCSing soon!!!!


Terri said...

2 and a 1/2 wonderful weeks with your husband in your arms again...sooo excited for you...I hope the trip you have planned is filled with many precious memories to cherish forever!


Traci said...

I would be in the same mental state as you! He has been gone too long. But he does have a job! That's a bonus. Yes, praising God is a better idea!

Gillie said...

Don't forget you are a wonderful wife & mother as well!!