Tuesday, November 25, 2008

#300..and go check it out

Well, here's my 300th post and with it I bring joyous news. I'm blessed with FOUR, count them 4 best friends besides our Lord. Chad of course, Tami, B, and Emily. Tami has seen me through my darkest of days, as I have her. We went through those days together and through 2 pregnancies together. B, well I think I've wrote so much about her the last couple weeks that you know how my heart feels about her. Emily, many of you know her already and if you don't, why not? I met her online, on a pregnancy board when she was pg with her oldest and I was pg with Jack. I talk to her nearly everyday on the phone for hours, we go from laughing to yelling (at our kids of course). There's not much she doesn't know about me and me about her!
Last year as I rejoiced in Emma's birth, she grieved in the loss of her beautiful Miller Grace (that's her name..it's NOT Miller...it's Miller Grace). Miller Grace lived for 5 of the most precious days of Emily's life and left a mark on thousands.
Well Emily's expecting again and she's just shared all about who she's welcoming with it be a boy this time or is it little girl #4???? I know, so do quite a few others, but if you don't...go find out! :) The name is perfect that she's picked out for this newest addition.

God is good, even in our sorrow, he's so good. Emily shared with me a verse that she knew I needed tonight. Psalm 30:5....It's at the end of my last post, or you can just look it up yourself.

On a side note...thanks for reading. This is my 300th entry here, and I've written well over 700 on my old AOL blog and can't recall how many our our deployment blog. I love to write, it's theraputic. We won't talk about all the blogs I've written and never published! Sometimes it's just theraputic for me to write, but not share. I can get out anger, sadness, and just a various range of emotions writing. Thank you for the prayers, for the kind and loving words. Now go visit
Emily and find out her news!


Becky said...

wow!! that is great news!!!

Linda said...

I got the update on her caring bridge I was so happy to hear this!! I didn't know emily has a blogger account, now I will be able to follow her! Linda

Amanda said...

I am so encouraged that you can look to God and find joy in the midst of such heartache. So sorry to hear B is gone... but so happily glad to hear about you giving thanks to God for ALL your precious and wonderful friends. You are such a blessings to me!

Many prayers-

Emily said...

Thank you, sweet friend!!! I'm praying for you and thanking God for you as we praise Him for Abigail Joy. :)