Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Well there it is. Not a good picture, a "self portrait". I see bags under my eyes..yikes and the eye brows really need to be waxed, hopefully I can get that done next week! I have a gift certificate for the day spa and I'm going to use a portion of it for those brows, get a massage one day, and either a manicure or pedicure...might be able to get both (the gc was for a large amount!)!! Who knows maybe I'll see if someone will watch my kids and do it all in one day! A full spa treatment, we'll see!

But either way, the hair is cut, much healthier, and so easy to care for...just wash and go, with a little mouse so it's not all frizzy. Although I admit that's all I was doing with it when it was long too, (it was about at my bra line) I had at least 6-7 inches cut. I had it cut once in July when I was in the states and had meant to go back one more time before coming back, but it didn't happen. It would have been much cheaper that's for sure, but I do like my hairdresser here and the last time I had it cut there she did it and I liked it then too! (That's when I cut it for Locks of Love).

Well I'm off to finish putting the shelves into the shrunk, then to figure out what I'm putting in it! More pictures of the "finished" project to come!


CntryMomma said...

Well, hellloooooo {{Christy}}}!

Bags?! I didn't see any bags. I have dark circles under my eyes (hereditary) and now the girls are starting to get them. I can just imagine what some mothers think ... but my girls do get a lot of sleep every night. I debating on using a little of my well rested eyeshadow over them in the mornings. Makes ya look like you got a good night's sleep!


Leene said...

The hair cut looks great, I wish I had hair that you could just wash, put a bit of product in and go - I have hair that has to be put up in a ponytail. If I did the wash, product and go it would be a huge frizz ball by the afternoon - NOT a good look. What a sweet gift you received for a full day of beauty treatments - those are the best kind of presents. By the way I don't see the bags - you look beautiful. Leene

Ashley Griffin said...

your haircut looks great!

Amanda said...

Adorable! Although I have no idea where you see bags... you look like a 21 year old!

Many blessings to you and yours-

Linda said...

Your hair looks great. I think the idea of the babysitter and going to the spa to get it all done at once is a good one. Linda

Gillie said...

Cute haircut!!!!!!!