Thursday, November 13, 2008

It just keeps going

Wow I can't believe it's been 3 days since I last wrote. I've thought about it every day, but life's crazy I tell you. Emma threw up again last night. I really thought yesterday she was finally better and then as I was literally taking her to bed, she threw up down my back. Oh nasty, nasty, nasty. She nursed all night last night. I woke up in a mood, of please just let my body be mine for a while. She's nursed a lot still today so I know she doesn't feel wonderful yet. Please pray. My body is TIRED.

I did get to talk to Chad last night and that was so good. I cried to the poor, worn out man. He listened, loved me, and encouraged me. What would I do without him? He's hoping to call us tonight to talk to the kids too. He'd just woken up to use the restroom and saw I was signed on, of course I was on the couch so I didn't hear him and so he decided to just call me! After he ran out of his phone card, he got back online and we chatted for a while.

This weekend Bobbie and I are going to Czech again! We're going purse shopping! I'm planning on getting myself a purse and maybe a really pretty bag, like an over night bag. I have a ton to do tonight and tomorrow, since I won't be home on Saturday. I have laundry to get done, my dining room has to get cleaned, because it is a disaster. I also have to take my craft table down, I never use it and I have an antique hutch that I've bought and will be placing there!!!! I'm so excited about that! Hopefully next Tuesday we can get the hutch here. B is giving me her "old" desk, which is really beautiful, about the same size as what I have already and we're getting rid of this heavy, old thing we have.

I am really blessed with the furniture and fillings we have in our home, now if I could only get decluttered, organized, and just keep things clean. Oh wouldn't that be wonderful! Right now I have cheerio's all over the place and I'm simply too lazy to clean them up right now. It's going to get done TONIGHT though. I also HAVE to get my bedroom done. It's awful and I hate going in there, because it is depressing. If I can get my bedroom done next week, we're then looking at Thanksgiving and then the next day we'll be putting up our Christmas decorations!!!! I LOVE decorating for Christmas. LOVE IT!

Ok, well I should go. I need to go pick up my boys who are at SAS, get home make dinner, start laundry, and oh yeah the CMA's are on tonight for ME so I'll be watching!


Gillie said...

I remember the days of nursing a sick baby...being totally exhausted but knowing it was the one thing that would comfort them. (((HUGS)))

Purse shopping sounds fun!!!

Leene said...

I'm sorry Emma still isn't feeling well and hope that the bug is ready to leave. Have fun shopping - what a fun time you two should have. I'm with you on Christmas decorating, I went out this week and picked up a few things to start putting up next week. Leene