Wednesday, November 05, 2008

A True American Hero

He showed amazing grace, gratitude, and a humbleness that no many who are in his position have or could. I'm truly and utterly disappointed in our nation. I am disturbed that any one who professes that Christ is their savior could EVER vote for a man who thinks it's fine to murder babies who are born alive, because they're inconvient for their parents. I'm disappointed that people led with their emotions vs their heads. That some voted because of the color of skin, and not because of where their beliefs lie. We have absolutely made our bed as a nation and we will suffer the consequences.

We had the opportunity to have real change in the White House, leading our Nation. We had the opportunity to have a true American Hero, who was brave enough to stand up to an American Enemy, lead our country. To have a man who's dedicated his whole adult life to serving our nation in one manner or another. Who was brave enough to bring a woman who was unknown to practically everyone, other than those in Alaska, to be his running mate.

You want to be moved, touched, and humbled...take a listen to Senator John McCain give his consession speach. He was elequent, kind, gentle, and brought me to tears.

Now is the time, if you've not already began, to be praying for God's mercy. We deserve EVERYTHING God allows to happen to us. We have made our beds, we've been greedy, selfish, and yes racist in a whole new way. We have thrown our future, our children out like dirty laundry, because they were not perfect, desired, or planned and said they're a burden so lets just murder them. We have given into satan time and time again in lifestyles of greed, ignorance, the list just goes on. We have been ignorant and refused to do research. We've elected a man with virtually no experience, who thinks it's ok to have his church leaders cuss America, who has no issue socializing with terrorists, and thinks we should try and negotiate with Iran. Who has no concept of how the Military runs, never even bothered himself to join a single branch of the military. We're a nation who got swept up with a nice smile, good speaches, and a lot of empty promises that can not be filled.

I am disappointed and heart broken.
I have cried many tears today and will cry even more come January. The knot in my stomach seems to be growing and growing. I believe without a doubt God's wrath is upon us and we deserve every amount of it.

Well America, I hope you're happy. When the promises fall down, when our nation stays in war, and when our deficit coutinues or gets ever worse. When our rights are stripped and our constition is destroyed, remember you voted him in, you voted the Senate and the House in. You wanted change...well you're about to get it. Just remember who is responsible for that change, when it starts falling down around us.


Leene said...

I do agree with you that John McCains concession speech was eloquent, humble and gracious. He is a true patriot and the country owes him a debt of gratitude. Leene

It's Just Me ~ Katie! said...

The results of this election sicken me - I've been praying and will continue to do so - That's all that's left.

a corgi said...

Christy, just keep praying and trusting in the Lord; this didn't catch him by mistake. Our pastor preached a great sermon this past weekend on the upcoming election; he said there are 30% of Evangelical Christians in the US; he said we should not be surprised by how nonbelievers vote; they don't know the hope of Jesus. They see hope in a man; you know not to put your trust in man. I believe the Lord will restore America, but I believe it will take us humbly getting down on our knees and seeking him wholeheartedly and completely, and I'm not sure if we are capable of doing that. I know its going to be a long time, and not just the next 4 years or 8 years, that we will be mourning for the Lord and calling out to him. Read 1 Samuel Chapter 4, then Chapter 8/9.

hugs to you


Amanda said...

Christy, you are right on here. I cannot even tell you how much I agree with EVERY word you have written here. I even sat in my car and cried today about it all...just feeling so sick to my stomach over the whole thing. And its Friday already! I wish I could see these wrods written in my local paper...and not the 'jubilation' and poop they are printing. You are RIGHT on missy! Thank you for saying everything my heart is feeling. I am with you sister.

God bless-

Linda said...

Just checking in to say hi since getting back. I'm sorry Paul is so down, I will continue to pray for him. I was heart sick too Christy, and you are very right, people voted for an illusion. I'm scared and I know what is coming for this nation's safety with him in the Oval office. I will support him & pray for him because he is our leader....but I will remain scared. As I keep reading about all these hopeful people who now think everyone should jump up and embrace him..I can't help but wonder what President Bush could have accomplished with that kind of support. Just very sobering...

Pooh Hugs,