Sunday, November 02, 2008

Long Night, even longer day tomorrow

I'm crazy, no really Emily can attest to this, she knows me far too well! LOL No tonight I'm crazy because it's 1:10 AM, I'm WIDE awake, and at 4:30 AM my friend's husband is dropping off 2 of their 3 children here. M is going to a PWOC conference for the week and her husband has to work, he's a cook and has to be at work by 4:45 am, so he's dropping off 11 month old S and 4 yr old C on his way in. The boys and I cleaned, it still is a mess, but appears presentable, just stay AWAY from my bedroom! LOL

The plan is to put C on the couch and lay S in Emma's crib and all of us return to our regular sleeping patterns as easily as possible. Since at this point I'm worried that I will not wake up I'm thinking of sleeping on the couch until J gets here to drop the kids off and then make my way to my bed, although at this point Emma's still in her crib sleeping soundly so I'm not sure how it's going to work. So maybe I will go to bed, because Emma seems to have a sensor that the moment I get in bed and get comfortable she wakes up to come to bed with me! LOL She couldn't wake as I'm walking past her room into mine, nope she waits. It's like clock work and I mumble my way out of bed and into her room where I'm greeted with a huge grin, the best hug ever, and lots of snuggles and kissed all the way to our room (yes it's our room because reality is she spends just as much time in my bed as I do! LOL).

So ok I made a decision I will go to bed, I will probably make it in there by 2 am, it's 1:42 now, I got up and moved a few more things because I'm so stinking wired. I'm looking over at my "Craft" table right now that's covered in junk. It's a sad state of affairs I tell you. I'll take a picture of it tomorrow so you can see just how SAD it is. No crafts are EVER done there. It's always covered in various things, it's take so long to clean it that by the time you were done, who'd want to do the intended craft! LOL One of these days. I actually am planning on taking it down, putting it my bedroom and maybe one of these days I'll start scrapbooking, heck I have everything I need, I just need to get my butt in gear. But where it is, right now is the future home of an antique hutch that's at the Polish Pottery store in the PXtra. I talked to Chad this evening and he told me to get it! So I am!!!! I'm going to go and pay half of it on Tuesday, when they're opened next and then on payday I'll pay the other half! I'm excited to have it and will share pictures once it's here. Of course I'll have to find someone who can bring it home for me, since it's a huge piece of furniture and I truly need a truck to bring it home in. I do have a few friends who have really insanely large SUV's so they could possibly fit it in there and then just use the men who I know to bring it up. It's all solid wood so it's HEAVY!

Ok, well I seem to have went all over the place here, but the gist of it's almost 2 am, I'm still awake, I have to be semi-awake in 2 1/2 hours to welcome my friends children, get them back to sleep, and keep my 3 asleep. Then get up, make breakfast, (thinking pancakes and sausage links), and just manage to get to 1:30 or so. Thank goodness I made out a menu so I don't have to think of what I'm making for lunch, I can get Emma down for a nap after lunch, keep C and S occupied until their Daddy comes to get them, get my boys started on their school work, and try not to nap and be coherant enough to get their school work done. My goal is no nap tomorrow and just early to bed for me!

Pray please! I KNOW I'm going to be exhausted and I know it's my own fault!!!


Chrissie said...

I hope you got a little rest before the other children came. I was this way Saturday night, but we fell back and hour and I was wide awake until like 5am or 6am Sunday. I was so wore out the whole day and I didn't have to take care of 5 kids thank goodness. So I hope everyone stayed asleep a little longer for you.
Take care, Chrissie

Woman on a Mission said...

I'll be praying for you. Stay strong momma!

Yolanda said...

Totally insane and incredible!

Love to you,

Leene said...

I had to laugh because I so totally could have written this entry - from the not getting more then a few hours sleep to the craft table. I finally took down my craft table about six months ago after not having scrapbooked for almost four months. I've still got everything in the closet and promise myself I'll start back soon. I hope you'll take pictures of the antique hutch to share. I pray you were able to get a few hours sleep before the kids were dropped off and that they fell back to sleep fairly quickly. Leene